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I decided to buy Nikon D70 after reading reviews and speaking to people.

Which lenses should I buy with Nikon D70.

Are the nikon Lenses that come with the camera are good.
or are Sigma or Canon lenses better.

Does Nikon d70 take any kind of lenses be it Canon or Sigma...which one is better to go with.

Infact somebody advised me to buy D70 body only and go for Sigma lenses. Though they are bit expensive but definitely better to go with Sigma lenses.

Any comment on that!!
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I think you were thinking of Tamron when you wrote Canon... Canon is a fierce competitor, they would have absolutely no interest making lenses that fit a Nikon. :blah:

If you're buying the D70 from scratch, the 18-70DX (aka "kit lens") is a useful starting point. Good value lens - great optics for the price, build quality okay. It could be criticised for its plastics if you were used to the Nikkors of old (extremely sturdy & rugged all metal construction). However to move up one in build quality you'd have to splash out $1k more for the superb 17-55/2.8. Alernative: 24-120VR, priced a few hundred dollars above the 18-70, but the cheapest you're likely to find VR on Nikkor glass.

The advice to buy D70 body only and go for a Sigma lenses - I guess came from the sales person at the store... They really don't know what they're on about. Nikkors are the benchmark for which all other third party lens makers strive for. They may be marginally cheaper than comparative Nikkors, but they'll most likely be slower to focus, poorer optically (Nikkors with ED are excellent at controlling chromatic abberations) not as well constructed, and suffer from the all plastic build (which lower cost Nikkors are not exempt). I won't mention the occasional compatibility problems with older Sigma glass, as they seem only to pop up in exceptional cases...

The 1005 segment 3D color matrix metering in the D70 - the best exposure metering in the industry IMHO, matching that of Nikon's current flagship film (F5) and DSLR (D2H) camera bodies, requires focus distance information passed on from the lens in its exposure calculations. AFAIK, only Nikkor D and G lenses are equipped to do so. Without this, you're crippling the matrix meter by denying it one part of the exposure calculating equation.

This distance information is also utilsed in the sophisticated i-TTL flash system the D70 supports. As you can see, your choice of lens can have a very significant impact on the functionality of other parts of the camera, as it is an interdependent system working in synchrony. Why jeapodise this (and have potentially inferior results) by buying 3rd party parts for this system?

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