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I'm just starting to read about DSLR cameras and have gravitated towards the Nikon D70. My current non-SLR digital is Olympus C700 UZ. My question is about shooting in manuel or partial manuel modes. On my current camera the numerical values flash...red bad...green good, when setting apature and shutter speed. Therefore I can continue adjusting until I get into the green. Do the DSLR cameras incorporate this type of feature?

Also...where can I get this camera at less than retail? Most online sites seem to have poor reviews if they offer the camera at a low cost.


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When in manual or applying Exposure compensation, you do not have red and green lights. What you have instead is a horizonal line, similar to this "+ -----|------ -" If in manual mode, when the exposure is correct, the vertical line in the center will have a green square. For every 1/3 or 1 stop (this is custimizable in the menu's), underexposed, you'll see a green bar to the left of center. Of course it will be just the opposite for overexposure. When you are applying exposure compenstatin, the vertical will represent the exposure the camera feels is correct. Bars to the left represent a decrease in expsure and bars to the right indicate an increase.

As far as where to get the carmera under retail ... good luck.
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At least in Shutter Priority mode, the viewfinder will also tell you 'Lo' or 'HI' if it detects the shutter speed you've chosen is too high or too low considering the available light.
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