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I'm just starting to print from my D70 on my i9900, the question I have is I'm trying to print to put in a standard size frame, and changing the size in the page setup dialog box checking "Size to Media" doesn't appear to give me a size that I can buy a frame for. I'm shooting for an 8x10, 8.5 x 11, somewhere in that area. Do I have to crop everything I want to frame, or is there a formula I need to know? Forgive me for sounding stupid, but My old Dimage 7i printed right to anf 8.5 x 11.
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Some programs, even WinXP, will print your prints in the different sizes you specify without the need to crop. However, there is a downside to this method. The CCD of the D70 is in the aspect ratio of 2:3. This allow you to get perfect 4x6 prints. If you attempt to print an 8X10 on the other hand, it's ratio does not match up the the 2:3 ratio. So, to get your 8X10, your computer will need to crop some of the picture. While this works, you have no control over what is lost, unless you use an editing program and crop the pictures to the correct ratio yourself. Yes, this means more work, but you have more control over the results of the end product.
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Just to add to mdparker, you should compose your shots in the center 4/5 th's of this camera, stay away from the left & right edjes or you will be printing 4X6 only - unless you can find 8 X 12 paper & frames.
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Check out Q-Image. There is a forum on this sight. It works great. Lets you control the crop and edit the pics very easily. There is also a free trial version.

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