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OK, I am going to post this on both the Canon and Nikon boards.

OK, here my situation. I am asking a serious query and would appreciate some serious answers, this is not an attempt to start a brand war, but I am aware that it might happen. Feel free to email me your answers to hopefully avoid said war.

First, I shoot Nikon, always have. When I bought my first film body, F5, I thought it felt more comfortable in my hands, and just liked it better, so I went with Nikon(over Canon). I currently have 2 F5's and a D2h. I was only shooting film for one company I freelance for, everybody else I shoot for already went completely digital. The last remaining holdout is now also completely digital, regulating my F5's to dust collectors. I have not shot a roll of film for myself personally in about 3 years. Basically, I have equipment that will not be used, my F5's, the flashes that are not dx, certain lenses, etc. I have compared the output of the newer canon digitals, the 20D and the 1D mark II. They simply blow the D2h away, especially when using a high iso. I shoot 70-80% sports, on almost every level, and do a lot of high iso shooting, so this is a major concern for me. I am very unhappy with the quality, in this situation, of my D2h. I think it rocks when there is enough light and I can shoot at iso 200-400. I really like this camera, the way it handles and just fits in my hand, it is a joy to use. The bottom line though, is the camera is just not getting the job done in certain situation. If I just did studio work, I would have bought a D1x.

That background brings me to my question, do I make the switch to canon, now that I am completely digital? I will not lose a lot of money, considering I can sell the film equipment that I will not use and easily make up the difference I am going to encounter to get the equivalent canon equipment.

Second choice is to wait for the D2x, and hope it proves a better low light camera. The problem with that is once I buy it, I will be in the same boat as when I was using film equipment. I would not switch because it would entail too much loss of money. I have the opportunity due to the fact that I can sell my film stuff. I couldn't do this earlier, because I was not going out and buying both Canon film and digital bodies.

Help me, what would you do?


Dervical at aol.com
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Well, I'm more or less in the same boat that you are. I do wildlife photography with a D1x. I shoot primarily with a Swarovski spotting scope and not a lens (F10). The highest ISO I can use is 500. 800 is just to noisy.

My investement in lenses is one factor because aside from the telescope I do in fact have a number of Nikon primes.

I've decided to wait for the D2x. While the newest forcast Canon will have higher mp, the cropping factor will allow me with the D2x to put the same number of pixels on target. I must say, I'm also afriad of change. I love the D1x and it's on the job flexibility.

The deciding factor for me was the announcment that the D2x will allow me to use my Swarovski as a manual lens. With the D1x, the meter is disabled, while with the new camera, I will be allowed to set the F stop manually and the light meter willl work.

Can the Canons do this?

So I intend to keep the D1x as my second camera, using it with one of the Nikon lenses and the D2x with the telescope.

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I think we all fall in this boat from time to time. I have used Nikon for about 15 years or so (I forget!)since my original Canon equipment was stolen and I bought an F90X and lenses. 6 months ago the Rebel wasn't a patch on the D70 so I bought the D70 and DX lenses, but now Canon have launched a new camera too.

Irrespective, having read your post, I have watched both football and golf today on the TV, and as a rough guide I reckon that the white lenses outnumbered the black by at least 2:1. That means that two thirds of pros favour Canon to Nikon. I think that that should answer your question. Pros talk amongst themselves, and if by far the majority are using one brand and not the other there has to be a reason for it. Sadly, though I love my Nikon, asa professional I would follow the herd and buy Canon. As a comment, just look at the pixel difference for cropping and printing.
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Boy, thats a good question... I am now asking myself the exact same one. Last week I had the unbelievable luck to go to an event where the photog was sick, so I shot his Canon 1d MKII, 70-200 is lens. I have been doing events w/ a D100, and have been looking at faster, quicker focus and deeper buffer on the Nikon front. But that Canon blew me away. Extremely fast focus, frame rate sounded like a machine gun, I was quite impressed, to the point of seriously considering changing now, before my investment in Nikon is too large. The "white lens" concept seems to be accurate, more pros seem to be shooting the Canon than the Nikon. It is also my understanding that these Canons handle high iso values really well. The photog at this event told me he shoots 3200 iso for night events and gets very good pics...

My vote - Canon....
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