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Hi All,

I would like to purchase a 300mm F2.8 for my Digital, but cannot affordthe Nikon equivalent (spent the money earlier on the 70-200 AFS).

Seeing that I don't have 4k to shell out (but I do have 2.5k), what is the next best lens available? What comes closest to Nikon quality and focusing speed?

The Sigma? The Tokina? The Tamron?

The lens will be used mostly inside - shooting Hockey under limited lighting conditions.


PS: As an aside - for hockey photos, am I better off with a F2.8 300 or 400? or is the 400 just too big......
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I would highly recommend the Sigma 120-300 2.8. I sold my 300 2.8 prime for this lens. I use it for hockey and it rocks! With the prime you lose much of the area in front of the benches (I shoot from the penalty box), but with the zoom, you get almost 90% of the ice. The 300, on a digital, is long enough to reach the far corners and the 120 is good at the center ice dot. On a film body, I would suggest the 1.4 extender, although that stop might be a tough loss to take in certain arenas. This lens goes for under 2 thousand, a real bargain in my opinion.

Lens is extremely quick and very sharp. I really like this lens, if I actually switch from Nikon to Canon (seeone of my previous post) I would not hesitate to get this lens in a Canon mount.

If you like, email me and I can forward you some shots taken with this lens. Both hockey and football, day and night.

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What's wrong with buying a TC14E or TC17E? I use the 70/200 VRIFED F2.8 with the 1.4 which brings it up in digital terms to 420mm and I am completely satisfied, as are many other professionals I see all around. I use it for motor racing photography and have no complaints whatsoever.With the TC14E you'll lose only one stop, keep over $2,000 in your pocket, and have 5lbs less to carry!Try this for a profession critique:-


You will see the photo of the moon he took using the adaptor and his opinion too.I would seriously consider this before spending a great deal of money on something that you might find unnecessary. However, these 300mmlenses (Nikon) are for sale on Ebay worldwide for as low as $3,300.
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I have the extender and the 70-200 f2.8 - great combination, but not for indoors and not for hockey. Since I have the zoom, I was thinking of going for the 300 or 400, but was gaited by the amount of dollars i have to spend.

Hence I was looking to see what others are doing for similar lenses that cannot afford 4-7k.....
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