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Hi everyone, I have a question on the ISO select feature on the D70.

Can someone explain how this is set-up and which setting you would choose? It looks like it keeps defaulting to ISO1600.

I know with 35mm the ISO was based on the film, so I am trying to understand it from a digital perspective.

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ISO on the D70 is just like Film. ISO 200 is very similar to ISO 200 film, etc. The higher, the ISO, the more sensitive the camera is to light and the more noise (i.e. grain in film world) that will be noticed. I've never seen my D70 default to ISO 1600. On the back of my cmaera is an ISO button, I use it set ISO to 200 and keep it their since this offers the least amount of noise. ISO 1600 does ok, but you'll definitely get noise so you don't want to use it unless your in a situation that requires it and your willing to use a program to take the noise out. If your camera keeps defaulting to ISO1600, make sure you don't have it set to Auto ISO. Since I've never use auto iso, I'm not sure if it will tell you the ISO the camera has choosen. Basically with Auto ISO, the camera decides what ISO to use. I made the mistake of doing this with digicam I used to have and most of my pictures were very noisey and I was disappointed with them. Sure, you can use programs to remove the noise and the D70 is better with noise than most digicams, but I'd just rather not fiddle with the noise if I don't have to.

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