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I recently purchased a Nikon D70 kit with the 18 to 70 zoom and a SB600 flash unit. I'm trying to reproduce a wedding album (negatives are not available) by taking photos of the photos and then have them printed at a pro shop. All are in color and most are 8x10 and a few are 5x7. I am new to the digital format and need help with almost every aspect of this task.

Light Source?: flash, bright sunlight, bright overcast or other

Exposure Settings?: Auto, P, A (if A, what aperture), S (if S, what shutter setting) or other

Lens?: 18 or 70, or somewhere in between

Resolution?: Is "RAW" an advantage over "FINE" for this project

Results?: Should I expect photos anywhere near the originals

Please respond with any other data that is pertinent.

Thanks in advance for your help.

G Stephens
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Cant help but think that an A4 scanner would suit better for this task, and you can pick them up reasonably cheaply for a decent quality scanner.

Iv recently fixed a couple of photos by scanning them in at a very high resolution (about 20mb file) then using photoshop to fix any blemishes, brighten etc then print them back out again. Results were very good.

See if you could even borrow someone elses scanner if you dont want to buy one yourself.
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I hate to bring this up, but if the original album was shot by a professional service, that is the reason there are no negatives. The image copyright, negatives and reproduction rightsareowned by the studio.

Most Pro services will refuse to output or copy images that might be Copyrighted unless you can prove ownership. (here even Staples/Business depot will refuse to copy images if you can't prove you are the copyright owner)

If you want to do it yourself I suspect the best bet is to use a good flatbed scanner and print to an inkjet.
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As others have pointed out, a scanner will be your best bet. You CAN use a camera to take pictures but the results will be mediocre at best, while a scanner, even a cheap scanner, can do a superb job.

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