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I'm really sorry if this was asked before, but I've been shearching through the forums and didn't find anything answering my question.

Here it is, I'm about to buy a D70 and have a Tamron 100/300mm lens from my Nikon F50, can I use this lens on the D70 or can it cause any harm to the camera? I've read about non-AI lenses not being compatible and being harmful for the D70, but honnestly I don't know if this is non-AI or not, the only thong I know is that it's an F-mount lens.
Can I use it or not?

Thanks in advance.
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How old is the lens, and does it autofocus? Most autofocus lenses, even non-cpu ones will work with the D70 (as they do on my D100)(although non-cpu ones will not let let you use matrix metering or transmit distance data to the flash you use). The trouble is trying to use older lenses, as the F-mount is the same, but parts of the lens might protrude in a way that prevents the lens from mounting at all onto the camera body.
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