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The software (Picture Project) came with the Nikon D70 that I purchased recently. I can not find a facility to resize the image. I'm hoping that it will resize the image and I've just overlooked it. Can anyone recommend a free or inexpensive image editor?

Picture Project will not allow me to enhance pictures taken with non-Nikon cameras. Is the true?

Thanks for any help

G Stephens
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See page 192 of this user manual for how to use NikonView 6.0 to resize images:


If you want a decent free package for resizing, use Irfanview (downloadable from http://www.irfanview.com ). Make sure to download the free plugins, too.

You'll find the resize options under Image, Resize/Resample. I usually use the Lanczos option for both upsizing and downsizing images. Make sure you don't overwrite the originals (in case you ever need larger prints). So, use the "save as" option and give them a different filename.

You can also use Irfanview for resizing in batch mode (for processing a group of photos).

To use Batch Mode, go to "File, Thumbnails" and select a folder. Then, use the "File, Start Batch Dialog with Selected Thumbnails" menu choice. You can add more photos to the ones you want to process then.

Make sure to select a different output directory so that you don't overwrite the originals (especially since you don't want to ruin them if you make a mistake). Also, make sure to select the "Options" button by your file format you're saving in (which will default to JPEG), so that you can select the desired JPEG Quality.

Then, select the "Advanced" button, and you'll have lot of options (including resizing).

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