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I have decided that its time to get a better camera. I had initially toyed with the idea of a D70, and had initially asked which one for bigger prints and the EOS20 was mentioned.


I have played with the D70 and liked it.

Here is what i want to use it for:
I shoot mostly nature and people, architecture while travelling, backpacking etc. No studio and very little indoor stuff.
I previously spend many years using a (now dead) Minolta X700 and then in addition a Dimage 7i which I lugged thru the himalyas, the gobi desert, the american west etc. Thus ruggedness and durability is a plus (you wont believe what my x700 has been thru). The same goes for long battery life.

I plan on blowing the shots up quite a bit to display them, so I guess noise and MP is an issue. I do not want to spend more than $1500 on a body and already have acouple GB of memory cards.

In the long run I plan to buy a film SLR of the same system I as a backup or for "high res" shots.

I also scuba dive with my Nikonos 5 which is getting a bit pricy to maintain. Thus something that performs well UW in a housing would also be good.

So which of these 2 cameras is a better fit for my needs? Or maybe there is a third choice? So far I am not vested in any system with lenses (well, except for my old minolta gear). I read other posts on this site and it looks sometimes like a religious debate. Maybe somebody has used both extensively and can compare?

For travels I would like get away with 1 maybe 2 lenses, which ones would you guys recommend?

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Why not stick with Minolta if you've had happy experiences with them in the past? The Dynax 7 or whatever it's called (the US always have a different model name to the rest of the world) is a newly released 6MP camera with anti-shake on the sensor.

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I agree with Onyx, if you don't already own lenses give the new Minolta a hard look, if I did not already own a pile of EF lenses I would probably have bought into their system. Internal IS in the body, and I believe the ability to autofocus all the way down to F8.

As I did, I upgraded myself to the 20D, last week.right now the EOS 20d with its 8mp, 5fps and magnesium body is selling like hotcakes.

If you really like Nikon wait for the next major photo show, they probably have something waiting in the wings to compete with Canons new toys.

Your shooting coversa big area, and for lenses I would look at both wide and long :-)and with the sensor crop in these cameas wide is a tough one. maybe something in the 19-40mm and 100-300 ranges?

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So far I had great experiences with Minolta in terms of their reliability.
The X700 was a trooper and the 7i is also pretty good. The only grief is that the autofocus in the 7i has some problems.
Of course my Nikonos has been flawless as well.

However, since I am not locked into any autofocus SLR system, I can start with a clean slate and it seems that there is more available in the canon and nikon family in terms of lenses etc.

Also both, canon and nikon, seem to have gone thru a couple generations of digital SLRs and thus they (hopfully) are more refined/debugged....

i might be wrong with this though...

You are right, I probably need 2 lenses. 24-130 and 70-250 (35mm equiv) are what i would want. Maybe something a tad wider for UW.

So, has anybody dragged their D70 or EOS20 up some mountains???


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runner77 wrote:
Also both, canon and nikon, seem to have gone thru a couple generations of digital SLRs and thus they (hopfully) are more refined/debugged....
Actually Minolta made digital dSLRs long before Canon/Nikon: http://www.epi-centre.com/reports/9605cs.html
Their interchangeable lenses were APS 'digital' sized eon ago as well:

Their 'antishake' system was prototyped and refined on both the A1 and A2 for a while now (and still hold the lead in prosumer camera)... So this is not their 1st attempt. Remember the 1st Canon autofocus SLR had their AF in the lens as well until Minolta started the AF craze with the AF in the body, followed by Nikon a year after and then the rest is history !!!
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