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As a freelance reporter/photographer, I went digital this year because film costs were around $1,000 last year. Thanks to a link from Oynx, I was able to figure out how many pics I've taken with my D70 since getting it in mid-June. That number was 28,000. Now obviously that number can't be equated directly to film since I would have shot much more sparingly with film. But just for grins and giggles, I went ahead and converted to film numbers. For all 24-exposure rolls, that would be 1167 rolls of film. For all 36-exposure rolls, that would be 778 rolls of film. Since I usually shot with 24 exposures, I made it simple and called it 1,000 rolls. At an approximate cost of $9 per roll (cheap film and developing at Costco, plus expenses like gas to get there) that would be $9,000 in total film costs. :O
Suddenly I feel better about buying three digital cameras this year. :G
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PJ student here, at 34,514 exposures. Although now that my C41's dropped off, I've started sliding into the slippery slope of Velvia - so much for economy
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