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I would like to get a dSLR; have narrowed the choice down to 2, the Nikon D70 and the Canon 20D; looked at various reviews and comparisons; can someone please explain /justify the $600 additonal cost of the 20D; what does the 20D have over the D70 that justifies the extra money?

No flaming please; I have posted this on both the Canon and Nikon SLR forums


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samcheri wrote:
what does the 20D have over the D70 that justifies the extra money?
* magnesium body
* 2 more megapixels

Personally I can't stand Canon ergonomics, it's a completely foreign language to my hands :-) By the same token I'm sure Canon users dislike Nikon ergonomics. But I do like the fact a 10D with its battery grip feels more solid than my D100 with its battery grip. To each its own. All my friends shoot Canon: D60, 10D, two 20D shooters, and only one shoots Nikon asides from me. He uses a D70, which seems to work well for him. It would've been nice if the D70 could use the MB-D100 grip - I know there are 3rd party grips out there, but I heard they do not give you a vertical shutter button.
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One advantage to the 20D is more speed, 5 fps vs. 3 fps on the D70. I don't own one so I can't confirm it, but I believe the 20D is a faster focuser which would be a factor if you're doing sports shooting. The 20D (and Canons in general, it seems) has lower noise levels at high ISO. Traditionally Nikon and Canon owners alike have acknowledged Nikon has the edge in flash. The D70 also has higher flash sync rate.
My best advice would be to:
1. Do a lot of research.
2. Try out both cameras, if possible taking a CF card with you and taking sample pics with both cameras.
3. Determine what your needs are, and if the 20D is worth the extra $600 or not.
I recently contemplated switching to Canon, and finally got to try out a 20D last weekend. Very nice camera, ergonomics (esp. that wheel on the back) felt fine and the speed was impressive. Ultimately it was better costwise for me to keep my D70 (plus other Nikon gear) and add a cheap D1H. If you don't currently own Nikon or Canon gear, look long term at how costs compare for lenses you might need down the road.
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Thank you marokero and murphyc for your considered and thoughtful (and believe me, very useful) replies to my query; to me all the apparent advantages seem marginal and do not, to me, at this point in time justify the additional $600; the only negative points I have seen with the D70 are the lack of iso 100 and the apparently greater amount of noise at higher isos; do you think these are limiting and should these sway me towards the 20D?
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