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I have been happily using the D70 for a few months and I do a lot of high school sports. The price drop on the D2H is a dream come true... to get into a body like that. I'll be receiving the D2H tomorrow thanks to a shipping problem with Ritz... so I'm wondering if anyone else is jumping on the D2H bandwagon with the price drop? As I said, I did it because I do a lot of sports.
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With the D1H going for around $1,300 that seemed like a good deal so I snatched one up. What is the D2H going for, $2,000 or so? Don't know if I would need to jump from D1H to D2H because to me the extra MP and redesigned back area wouldn't be worth the price or reported high ISO noise problems.
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Does anyone know when this price drop is going to reach the UK ?

The cheapest price over here is stil over £2000 !!!

I think its near 2 dollars to the pound at the mo, so american price works out at around £1000 sterling, 50% of UK price It seems Japan has had this price drop a while, and in Canada the price has been dropped effectively with Nikon including lots of other free stuff with the body...

why are we in Europe always last to have stuff filter through!?
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Europe, UK, Asia, Oceania, Africa and elsewhere... we're still stuck with "premium" pricing. It seems only the US and to some extend Canada (with two price drops in about as many weeks) are the only ones enjoying a cheaper D2H.

I've useda D2H quite often in past months. There are some disappointments: namely lack of MP and ISO noise -even at 400 in properly exposed daylight it was objectionable to me. The MP issue is a contentious one. I supposed I've become used to the D70's 6MP, so there's the subconscious expectation of pixels for cropping. But if one were to compose properly, this shouldn't be an issue.

And the upsides: AF speed with regular lenses are fantastic. AF performance in low light is 'excellent', compared to the D70 only being 'very good'. The 11 point AF are much better once you get used to them, and various grouping options lends itself well for fast unpredictable action, and 8FPS is so so sweet!

Cleaning CCD on the D2H requires bulb exposures unfortunately, as it doesn't have "cleaning mode" of the D70. IMHO it's a great camera to use, but its weakness is its imaging chip which I find even compared to the lowly D70 it's sadly found wanting.

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