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Hi there, just got my D70 today, and what a camera it is . Now I am shopping around for some filters, and Hoya seem to have some good ones. But I'm just really confused by all the different grades. Is there a significant difference in 97% and 99.7 light transmission? Or is the difference negligible for amateurs? Thinner the better? More coating the better? Or are they about the same for amateurs? Also, would it be better to get 2 different filters (1 UV, 1 Polarizing), or a Ultra-Thin grade that combines the two into one? I read around and it seems like the Ultra-Thin is mainly designed for ultra wide angle lenses, and it is single threaded.Would stacking 2 filters create significant quality loss? Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance. P.S. How do you do a line break on this forum??
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Hi misery, they say you love company.... :lol:

Anyhow, light transmission, no. of coatings, etc. probably aren't all too important for the amateur. If you've invested in multiple thousand dollar lenses then it may become a factor.

Slight lost of light due to filter are probably taken care of by through the lens metering methods most camera employ, and compensate for that.

The no. of coatings are meant to reduce flare. Supposedly more coatings makes for better control, butwhy minimise flare when you can attempt to eliminate it in the first place by using a lens hood specifically designed for this purpose?! Thinner is better - but also more costly. Hoya Pro lines (super thin) are sometimes twice as much as their regular lines.

Stacking filters is a good way to get vignetting - http://www.pixspot.com/displayimage....m=31&pos=2
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Hi Onyx, thanks for the relpy.

Ok now the line break seems to be working, no more single huge paragraphs.

My questions is, what are good filter-usage practices?

I know that the UV filter should be on most times to protect the lens, but what if I also want to use the polarizing filter? Do other type of filters also serve as lens protectors? Would it be best to only have one filter attached at a time?

If stacking creates such problems I am seriously considering getting the Hoya Ultra-Thin UV/Circ PL filter... saves having to switch filters too often.

Any recommendations? Thanks heaps.
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