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Default Printing large photos with the D100


I need to print 13x19" and occassional 20x30" prints.

I was wondering if anyone had done this with their D100 and could comment on the quality of the enlargements, i.e. is 6mp enough?

As another question for the d100 owners - would you buy it again?


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I've printed many D100 and D60 pictures at 13x19" on my Canon S9000 and they're gorgeous. Quite a number of them have been mounted and are currently hanging all over my living room walls.

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I have also printed 13x19 on my s9000 with good results. They were shot in raw converted to TIFFS printed from Nikon Capture 3. I tryed one JPEG. I used the Canon easy photo print. I don't like the results as well as when using 8.6x11. There is a issue with vived photo selection that can not be used with TIFFS. I'm stell working on these issues.
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You might want to try Genuine Fractal for enlarging photo for printing.
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Default Depends

1) The traditional rule of thumb says you need 300dpi for photo output. But this is just a rule of thumb. This would mean anything beyond 8x10 would be sub quality. In reality there are other factors that are far more important than the DPI. It's not like you drop to 299dpi and the print turns to goo. Printing 13x19 may turn out fine in your eyes.

Viewing distance, quality of the printer and image scene are key factors in the subjective equation of acceptable print resolution.

2) Interpolating the image (up-rez) can give you all that you need for your larger prints. Software can do a pretty good job. Fred Miranda's stair interpolation does a good job at a great price. Geniune Fractals also works well within limits.


3) For larger prints, I have them done on at a professional lab on a LightJet printer. If I give them a 150dpi image, their RIP program does a better job than anything I can do. The prints are superior to anything I've done directly from a 35mm slide.

Bottom line is that you can get to where you want to be with the D100.
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