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Hi All,

Santa was good this year and dropped a D70 in my stocking - amazing camera.

Question: When I import an image from my flash card into Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9and save it within Paint Shop and then put the saved image back on the flash card the camera will no longer recognize it. The image was both shot and saved in Jpeg.

I also have a Sandisk reader for the TV to annoy my friends withmy trip photos. If I shoot some pics and insert the memory card directly out of the camera into the Sandisk unit it reads it fine andall works.

Take the same image and save it in Paint (even if I do not modify it) and dump it back on the same card, the Sandisk unit will also no longer recognize the image. I can import the image back into Paint and it reads it fine.

Anyone have insight into the cause ?

Tnxs Tman

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Most cameras will not recognize an image that's been modified by an editor.

Sometimes, you can get away with it (provided you are careful not to let any of the information in the EXIF get modified, but most editors strip out or at least modify the EXIF). The EXIF contains information specific to a camera's settings, etc.

There is a software package designed to let you modify images and let them be played back by some cameras (but I don't know if it would work with your D70 or not):


If you're very careful editing (making sure not to change the size of the photo by cropping), you may (or may not) beable to get away with copying the EXIF from the image, enhancing it, then copying the EXIF back into it.

One product that lets you do this is EXIFER:


As for why your Sandisk Viewer doesn't work, I can only speculate. For one thing, most of these viewers were limited to a 6MP image. Did you enlarge it? It may also be limited by the filesize. I'd try saving the image with more JPEG Compression (giving you a smaller filesize) to see if that's the problem (you may have been increasing the file size when saving it from PSP.

To control compression, use the Save As option from PSP 9, then click on options and you'll see a slider (lower quality=higher compression=smaller file size).

This is only speculation. There could be other things going on too (perhaps PSP 9 is stripping out the thumbnail from the JPEG File, and the reader needs it, etc.).
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Thanks for the info - I dowloaded the program for image conversion (TV Converter) and did a sample image. Interestingly enough, the camera did not say there were no images to display after running it thorugh this program, however the image file was just BLACK. I have yet to try the Exifer program. It seems like a lot of work just to edit a few images ah ?

I have subsequently dowloaded a Ulead trial program called Photo Impact and from my preliminary testing,it appears that it does not cause this problem and all images processed though Photo Impact read in my camera and the Sandisk Viewer .... go figure.

The only problem is the little woman prefers the Jasc product (paint shop) ....now if I can onlyyyyyy ...........

Tnxs Tazman
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In the furtherance of domestic harmony...... In PSP9, use the save as command (F12)and click on options in the dialog box. Select standard encoding and check (tick)"save Exif info". Set the compression amount to your needs and select none for chroma subsampling.

These same options are available through the Export> jpeg optimizer command.

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Hi Bill,

Thank you for your response ... checked all the good things you mentioned and it appears that all the settings you suggested are factory default and are saved as you described .. bummer, I thought you were onto something ....

(bummer ??? Now I am giving away my age) ... bummer )

I appreciate you taking the time to help and your insight

All the Best,


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