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I've recently bought a D70 (4 days ago) and I've taken some sports photos yesterday of which a fair selection were underexposed. I'm using a Tamron 28 – 300 lensF/3.5-6.3 XR Di lens.I need to take photos close up and then far away, hence using this lens with it's focal range.

On reading through the D70 manual last night I see that the camera was in fact telling me the photos would underexpose as ‘Lo' gets highlighted in the viewfinder. I was totally unaware ofthis fact at the time in my excitementof using the camera :-)and I kept looking at the monitor and the photos seemedfine.I've been able to enhance the underexposed photos with some PC post processing work.

In the D70 manual it mentions to increase the ISO or decrease the shutter speed to counteract this underexposure.

Today I took some more photos and I used the Sports mode along with an ISO setting of Auto. Today's photo's appeared somewhat better though I still think that there's a lot more room for improvement.

I'm new to the DSLR world and I'm learning all of the time so apologies if my following question seems somewhat 'dumb' but we all have to start somewhere

If I'm taking sports photos is it best to select the Sport setting and set the ISO to Auto or should I be using one of the other settings ?

I'm conscious that I don't really want to having to continually adjust the shutter speed or ISO setting everytime I want to take a shot otherwise chances are I'll miss the shot or is it a case of that this is what you're suppose to do and it's just a case of me practicing and being quick with the old fingers to change settings. Also, I believe that you have to watch the shutter speed as if you take it too low you will get camera shake.

I'd appreciate any advice on this subject.


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As you've just begun I won't confuse you with curves.

Try this, press the +/- button just behind the shutter release and use the rear command dial to set +0.3.

That will increase exposure a small amount.

Also worth setting white balance a bit warmer - press the WB button and use the rear command dial to make sure it's on Auto - then use the front command dial to set -2
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One of the first things you need to learn to do is use the histogram view on the D70. I believe you get to it by pushing the toggle button to the right... if not, just keep pressing it and you'll eventually get to it. The histogram is a digital representation of the exposure of each pixel. There is no "correct" curve, but it can be helpful with exposure. In "most" cases, you want the curve to hit zero as close to the right as possible. To the extent that it hits zero before the right side, it usually means you are underexposed. If it hits the right side and you get a spike of the right side, it means you are overexposed and have blown the highlights. Use the EV+ and EV- to adjust after taking a sample shot.

You may also want to ditch the preset modes and try using Aperature Priority as it will allow you more control and you will begin to learn much more about how to get the most out of the camera.

As another reply mentioned curves, it is something you may eventually want to use. I wasn't really happy with the look of my D70 pictures until I started usinga custom curve all the time.

It is a wonderful camera, but one of the things it is known for is tending towards underexposure. Nikon says this was intentional because you can easily recover underexposed shots, but overexposure blows highlights and loses them forever. Learning to use the histogram will help you a lot on this.

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Tik and Convergent,

Thanks for your comments.I shall experiment with what you've both suggested.


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