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Just playing with my brand new D70 and I just realised that the camera automatically adjusts shutter speed according to the amount of light in the scene - I was wonder why my day shots were all sharp but the night one is really somewhat blurry. I've set it to non auto iso 200 (which is why the system compensates by slowing the shutter)

Can someone post a link or a detailed instruction to manually determine shutter in P mode?
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I find that P mode is useless.

I personnally use A (Fixed aperture) mode most of the time and occasionaly S (Fixed Shutter Speed) mode when i really want to use a specific shutter.

The avoid blur due to camera shake (hand held) the general rule is to have a shutter speed faster then the focal length. ex: if you zoom at 70 mm the shutter speed as to be faster then 1/70.

Then you have the blur caused by the subject movement. In this case the shutter needed will probably be faster then 1/100 and can go up to 1/2000 for very fast action.

In the menu when you set the ISO to Auto there is another option that is the auto ISO shutter speed limit. The ISO will increase when the shutter falls below that limit.
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P mode is rather interesting but I have not used it much. The camera will try to figure out the best exposure according to the focal length of the lens, light, what is being focused on and how far away it is and all sorts of other little things.

Then you can change it. You can change the settings and all other settings will change to keep the amount of light constant.

It's almost a combination of A and M. It can ONLY be reset by turning the camera off and on again (not a big deal)
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