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Maybe try either the shade or cloudy settings (they're auto settings of course). If I'm in a hurry, my camera is always set on Cloud -2 (I mean in an ideal situation I'd take a measurement, but hey...). If that image is still too 'cold' then try shade -2 or -3. They usually end up pretty warm.
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If you do not use flash (internal o external), set wb to auto o incandescent -2.

If you use flash the wb must be set to auto o flash (-2), never wb incandescent. The diferent color temperature between flash and incandescent light make your photos look blue: incadescent is warmer, flash cooler (blue). When you mix to diferent kinds of light, you must set wb to auto.

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I've had the same problem. However, I'm happy to admit I'm new to dSLR's, so I appreciate I need to experiment. Another topic (below), talked about better results from a P&S than a dSLR, again I concur with this - the S50 (previous digital camera), takes a nicer indoor snap (on auto), than the Nikon D70. But, I know I need to move into 'P' mode and experiment.

However, one thing I'm really impressed with the RAW mode. It seems 99% of all the camera functions can be modifed in the RAW editor (I'm using the Nikon software), so I'm none too worried about messing around with the camera itself.

The first batch of indoor photo's where too dark (except the subject), but with some EV correction and a little curve editing I got the results I was looking for. Just recevied the prints back and I'm highly impressed with the quality.

Being a computer 'person' and not a camera person, I think RAW editing (for me), is the way to go.

PS: Thanks to all those posting in this forum, I've learnt a lot in a short time!

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