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Does anyone have instructions on how to use the Nikon ML-L3 Remote Controller with the Nikon D-70 camera. I finally got one and there were no instructions in the box.. thanks
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Look in your D70 manual pp107-110 and it covers it pretty well
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Try this info.

Thank you very much for your order of the NIKON ML-L3.I had to learn this the hard way so I thought I would share my experience with you and make it easier for you to get up and running with your ML-L3. These remotes will not work on the D-70 unless the camera is placed in the 'Delayed Mode, or the Quick Response mode'! It is very easy to do, and all you have to do is start by consulting your D-70 MANUAL ON *PAGE 62* UNDER CHOOSING A SHOOTING MODE! Instructions on this page will tell you how to put your camera in the 2 differant remote modes! Than read pages 107 through 110, FOR A CLEARER IDEA OF HOW TO GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR REMOTE! Once you READ PAGES 107-110 you WILL BE ABLE TO 'WORK' YOUR REMOTE LIKE A PRO! PLEASE READ THE PARAGRAPH BELOW CAREFULLY!
* default timeout on these shooting modes*. The camera returns to normal shooting mode in 1 minute if it doesn't see any activity from the remote. Using it for the first time usually takes a little time to get set and if it times out it looks like the remote is not working. Reference page 154 for the condition and how to change the default timeout!.
Being a photographer and D-70 owner myself, i thought it would be very important to pass this information along to you! I know that the out of country and foreign sellers care very little about you once the item is sold, but I didnt want anybody to think they got a defective product like I myself thought, until I found out i had to put my D-70 in one of the 2 differant remote modes for the ML-L3 to work!
To activate your 'Remote' for the first time you must pull the *SMALL PLASTIC TAB* out of the bottom of the remote, this is a battery buffer and keeps the battery fresh until someone uses it for the 1st time! good luck and thanks again!

Hope this helps,

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AHH HAA!!!! 1 minute - I was wondering why I had to keep setting it.
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That one minute can be changed to 5, 10 or 15 minutes. See your instruction manual.

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