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OK guys Im new to the D70 sorta but what are some advantages and disadvatnges to each?

Are Raw files sizes bigger than Jpeg?

Someone said Raw images come out sharper.

What tips you have for soft images

Im using the D70 with the lens kit.
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RAW files contain the sensor data with no post processing. With RAW you can apply changes to the exposure or white balance without impacting quality. The files are compressed but are still bigger than the JPG files.

My view is always shoot RAW as it gives the best options for post processing and producing the photo you want.

If you shoot JPG then a certain amount of processing will already have been applied to the picture in camera. You can't easily undo this processing if it's not giving the result you want.

One type of post processing is of particular relevance to your question. RAW files will not be as sharp as JPG files. This is because the JPG files will have been sharpened in camera. RAW files are not sharpened in camera so you need to apply an unsharp mask either in the Nikon software or Photoshop. My preference is to use Photoshop. If you are using Nikon software then the free download Nikon View is a better product than the picture project shipped with the D70. Whatever software you use applying the sharpening in post processing allows you to judge the results and apply the amount of sharpening youjudge to beappropriate to each picture, rather than an abitary value applied by the camera's software.

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