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I'm finally at a point learning my camera (first SLR I've owned) and I'm getting down to some of the features that I haven't messed with much. One of them is the AE/AF Lock button, and I have a question and would just like some ideas from people.

I guess what would be helpful is if someone could tell me what they have it set to and why. Maybe tell me if it's something they change regularly to make a particular shot easier to get, or something they set one way and pretty much leave, and then adjust the way they shoot pics based on that setting.

I think I can conceptualize situations where it might be useful. For example, maybe you want to use the spot metering andsingle areafocusing but you want to focus on a point that's different than you want to use for metering. So maybe you set it to AE Lock only, then use it to lock the exposure based on one part of the picture (say the sky) and thenaim the lense at another subject (say a tree) so that it's the basis of focusing. The sky/tree example, to put it in context, is where you might want to silloutte the tree.

Does that make sense? Is that a useful way to use that feature? Couldn't the same thing be acomplished by changing the focus area to one of the other designated points in the viewfiender (other than the center one) so that the metering would be done in the center (if set to spot metering)and the focusing would be done somewhere off center?

I'm probably way off base here, but I'm just trying to get some idea of the practical use for this feature because it seems like it might be useful.

Anyone help me out?
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Your suggested use is valid, but if you were trying to compose a shot where one of the "designated points" in the viewfinder simply did not line up with the point of intrestin the shot, you could use the lock button to solve your problem.

You could also do the whole thing manually, but the AE?AF lock gives you a quick option.
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