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Hi all,

I will be attending the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis in the Dome. I think there is fluorescent lighting in the dome(not 100% sure) but i will be inside taking photos of motorcycles, parts that are new, and people.

My question is how would you set the D70 for taking photos in this environment?

The equipmentI have:

18-70 lens (Nikon)
28-200 lens (Nikon)
SB800 Speed light & diffuser (should I use diffuser?)
1 Gig card
Should I have a filter for this photo shoot? If so what is your suggestion.

I listed the equipment I bought with my D70 to help with your suggestions on settings.

Look forward to your replies and any suggestion and tips for this type of photo shoot that you think would help a novice like myself.


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My suggestion,

I would fix the 18-70 lens on the camera. Two reasons;

1. It should cover the event pretty much as you are able to move around.

2. In case of any reving of the cycles, not having to change lens would prevent dust

from getting on the sensor.

If you change to the 28-200 be careful that no dust is flying in the air. I would definately use the SB-800 for this event. I would also shoot the camera and flash on TTL Program mode. I would set the ISO on about 400, and WB either on Flash setting or Auto setting. Flash setting probably will give you more pleasing color rendition. Trust me to enjoy this event more, it is your best bet to shoot on Program mode, as you wont have to worry about nothing but clicking the shutter.

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I'd also say use the Program mode but consider using the command dial to shift the program to give a smaller or larger aperture depending on the depth of field you want.

If the light is sufficient and you want to take shots without flash you may get the best results by using the pre setting to set the white balance with a grey card or sheet of white paper. This would help prevent colour casts from the mix of daylight and artificial light sources.
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Got an error so I had a double post - sorry
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If you don't use the flash use the PRE to set WB. Use the 18-70mm lens. Still lighting might not be the best so the flash with Auto balance will do a real good job.

Might try Portrait Mode

I'd use the diffuser on people shots. Also - consider boosting up the color. Go to Optimize Image on the menu, then go to Custom and set Saturation to + and COLOR MODE to IIIa.

PRE Setting for White balance
1.) select PRE with the WB control
2.) release the WB button
3.) press and hold the WB button again for a couple of seconds till PRE flashes
4.) release the WB button
5.) point the camera at what you want to be neutral (like a gray card) and press the shutter
6.) If the camera is happy you will see "Good" and you're ready to shoot, if not, you'll see
7.) "No Gd" and then you just need to try again till you get to "Good."
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