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I don't know if I'm dumb or smart. I saw a small universal type remote on ebay to use with the D 70. With a little research on the webI found where someone said to get a universal remote and try some TV codes until it worked. I had a spare universal remote and luckily I only tried about 10 codesbefore it worked for the camera. Then I put a piece of foil next to the lense in front of the remote sensor and I was using the remote from behind the camera. That worked fine. Then I took the foil away and I got a piece of fiber optic from a little Christmas tree I had and taped a 3 inch piece to the front of the camera on the remote sensor and sticking above the camera an inch or so. This also allowed me to use the remote from behind the camera.

Someone tell me what is wrong with my logic and why I should not being doing this.

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What is wrong with your solution...probably nothing. So enjoy your free remote.
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Do you happen to know or remember what code it was that worked?
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D70 thinks it is a Sanyo TV

I use a Philips SBCRU151 universal remote

the code is Sanyo 11323
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I have two questions about universal remotes as substitutes for the Nikon ML-L3. The firstquestion has to do with universal remotes available in the U.S. and the other has to do with TV settings.

I ordered a pair of the recommended PoGo keychain remotes from X-10 nearly three weeks ago. I have phoned them six or seven times in the last two weeks to check on the status of my order. The answer is always that they forward the orders to a third party and there is no way for them to check on the status of those orders. Since I am heading out for eight days in Mexico in only four days, those remotes will be too late to do me any good if they ever show up. In the short run, I would like to just pick up another inexpensive universal remote in my local Radio Shack or WalMart. I would go with the Philips remote that is recommended above but I can't find any on this side of the Atlantic. Can anyone help with a brand name and model number of one that is compatible and available in the U.S.? Smaller would be better but at this stage I will waive that requirement.

The second question has to do with the Sanyo TV codes listed above. I spent a while last night trying to reprogram a couple of remotes that I have on hand. I tried all of their listed Sanyo settings and none of them worked. The code listed above has five digits and none of my remotes have documentation mentioning TV codes with anything but four digits. Can anyone help clear this up for me?

Thanks for this great forum!!


Florida, USA
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