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I regularly run into a wierd behavior and can't explain it. Any ideas?

Here it is:

I have the camera set to P or A and the flash set to TTL, no red eye or rear sync, just normal sync

I will shoot a number of shots without any problem and then out the blue (Ithink it is), the camera will 'ignore' the flash setting and act if the flash was set to a super slow slow flash (suddenty shutter will be open for a second or two)

Then the flash will go on...

It will then continue to do that until I sht down both flash and camera. Then when I restart everything, everything is back to normal without changing any setting.

Thanks for your ideas. Maybe I am missing something big here . Really don't get it.
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The only thing I can think of is are you shooting in rapid succession. It could be that the TTL is turning off the gun before all the juice is used and this is allowing you to get a couple of shots before the flash is too run down to fire at which point you are getting this odd behaviour while the flash recycles.
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I shoot two D-70s as a wedding/event photographer and on occasion I run into the same thing. The problem seems to be the connection between the flash and the camera. I use a stroboframe and therfor use cable to connect the flash to the hot shoe. If I pull the flash off of the hot shoe then back on it always clears up. I think sometimes the connection is a bit dirty of just poorly connected. Good luck
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