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Here's an observation from someone who has both cameras. This comes from someone who's had a D70 for a year and very well pleased. I am not brand loyal nor do I have a great deal invested in equipment, so thats not a factor.

My wife just bought the Canon Digital Rebel 350XT over the weekend for her own very valid reasons. Number one being size and number two being weight. She has small hands making the Nikon just to much for her to handle over extended periods. That feature alone will sell a lot of Canon DR XT's. From what I've used the XT for it's a very nice camera that shoots comparably to the Nikon.

If you chose the D70, you won't be disappointed with the features it has. And you won't think of it as a lesser camera in Nikon's lineup. Saying that, I'll go so far to suggest it has most all the features the Canon EOS 20d has except for the extra MPs. So you won't be pineing for the features you didn't get and best of all it'sgettingless expensive. That won't be true with the DR 350XT and extra megapixels won't make up for that.

There are someoptions that Canon has left off the XT that I've found extremely useful on the Nikon such as the wireless flash. The XT won't do it without investing in a unit to control them. However the Nikon's onboard speedlite will control a SB600.

Does the XT take great pics? Absolutely! But I'd still suggest the Nikon with all it's feature rich items it haseven being only 6.1mp.However I would expect we wind up using the Canon more for casual picture taking than the Nikon because of the size.

As a point made in a previous post. Nikon doesn't have anything in their lineup right now to compete in certain instances! If someone wanted a mid level camera similar to the D100 with ALL the features of the pros, vertical grip and such, then their only choice out there right now is the EOS 20d. Nikon has nothing but the D70 with the next camera up is nearly $4000. They will have to do something, and it better be this year. Not many of us amatuer photographers can afford cameras in that price range

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Hmm... those are good points. I really like the D70, but comparing the different features and possible adjustments, I don't think I will need anything that the XT doesn't have. Also, I figure I am buying into a system, assuming I purchase additional lenses. I think I am falling for the XT, but I better get a better lens

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i dont understand why you say Nikon need to have a new camera to compete with the Canon XT ?
The D70 allready is just as good as this and even better if you take into account how well it is built, that it got a much better lense, have TWO wheels to change parameter instead of one, have a scren on top, longer burst mode....
iam curious of what the canon XT have that the D70 doesnt ? appart from the 2MP...
I believe the NIKON more than compensate for that with his lens... its a 300$ lens, the canon is not even a 100$ one.
Here the canon XT is sold 815 euro without lens and 860 WITH IT O.O SO....a 45$ lens is it ?
i know its not as simple but ....

They seem both good camera, but the D70 look much more solid and allmost professional, while the Canon XT look like a point and shoot camera cause its too small.... i felt very akward holding it...
But maybe with the grip it will help... this i dont know i could try ^^

i wonder because, iam set to order the D70 friday or saturday ^^

i could take the XT but... i do believe that the way you feel holding the camera also have something to do with the pictures you will take with it... you may feel more confident...
Also depend of what you will do with it but if someday you need to shoot peoples for money like even small event like weddings or something... it maye sound stupid but peoples wont take you seriously if you come with a camera that look like a point and shoot... they will think like "hey if its to do i with that i can do as well with my sony cybershot..."
EVEN IF ITS NOT how it work and not true... ^^ peoples cant tell ...

Also dont forget the TONS of parameters that can be modified in the D70 and also the possibility of making CUSTOM CURVE ^_^

Anyway nikon is coming with the D50 to compete the XT.... but seriously the D70 dont seem to be a competitor for the XT, its the competitor of the CANON 20D i think...

^^ if you know a special feature i mmiss about the XT please tell me before i order ^^
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We own the Canon 20D, the 350XT, and the Nikon D-70. You might want to ask, which camera will I grab first? That's very easy! It will be the Nikon D-70.

The Nikon D-70 beats the Canon 350XT hands down, rivals the Canon 20D, and is just a great, all around digital camera.

Yes, the rebtes went away on 03/31, but I guarantee you they will return. please do not discount the Nikon D-70.

Sarah Joyce
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I wonder if you could provide some details on your choice of the D-70 vs others.

I just bought a Nikon 8800 and really like it - one moderate sized package I can take anywhere. The balance of positives and negatives of the 8800 is fine for me.

I'm considering a dslr as a second camera for those times when the 8800 is at its weakest (a recent example - my daughter at an award ceremony - poor lighting, long distance for flash, need for a couple of rapid shooting sequences, inability to use iso greater than 100,.....) I've been looking at Rebel XT, 20d or D70. Staying with Nikon would allow me to share an SB-600 or 800.

(I'm used to 8 mpixel! great for 11x14 and cropping)



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NikonPro wrote:
The Nikon D-70 beats the Canon 350XT hands down, rivals the Canon 20D, and is just a great, all around digital camera.

Sarah Joyce
That happens to be a matter of opinion but to say hands down is sounding more of a bias decision. Read the comparisons reviews and it doesn't take long to see that the XT holds it own. I've tried both out and opted for the XT 's size rather than the bulkiness of the D70.
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Hi all,

I have just had a similar experience. The local camera store just got in the new XT, and they called me in right away. I was certain that I would buy one. I compared the XT with the D-70, and went home with the D-70 because I did NOT like the small size of the XT. The Nikon simply felt better in my hands, and the extra size and weight just felt better. I think both cameras will produce excellent photos if you do your part. To me, the feel of the camera is very important. I do think the lens for the Nikon is superior, though.

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Nikon is in dilemma. If they had their own high-tech ccd or cmos, they will publish their new 800m or 1200m even 1800m DSLR. Nikon is in dilemma, they should consider DSLR as a common consumer electronic product or as a high-tech delicate arts.
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bob_ledyard wrote:
(I'm used to 8 mpixel! great for 11x14 and cropping)
The difference between 6.3 and 8MP is, under most conditions, not going to make a siginficant difference to clarity. A small bit of camera shake or choice of glass will have more impact than what amounts to about 13% more horizontal and 13% more vertical pixels (can someone verify my math?).

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I'm actually in the process of purchasing my first DSLR. I went to a local camera store yesterday to see what they had in stock. He had the Canon XT and the Nikon D70. I have very small hands and I've used pretty small cameras since I started using digitals (i.e. Fuji Finepix 3800 and smaller), so I've always thought I would go with a smaller camera. After holding both cameras in my hands I was quite impressed with the Nikon. You could feel how well built it was and it just seemed like it was better quality. I personally liked the heavier feel of the camera, I thought it was really nice. I may regret the heavier camera in the future when I'm lugging around the camera and all my lenses, but I figure the camera will be the least of my worries in the future.

I also asked the person at the store his opinions. He immediately told me that he has always shot Canon, so I assumed he would recommend the rebel. But he told me that the Nikon is a far better camera overall and that the 8mp is just a point to try and increase sales. The 8mp definately caught my attention because this is what I've been looking for. But, I feel that I can always buy a new body in the future if my needs change. According to the person at the store, the Canon rebelsare not made for serious shooters. He says that for a person that would take several hundred roles of film, the camera will only last about a year or so, where as the Nikon will last upwards of 15. I'm new to all of this, so I don't know whether what he was saying is true or not. I'm pretty sure he wasn't trying to sell me the Nikon because he's going to make more off of it or anything like that, prices were a lot higher than you can find elsewhere, and from what I can tell he would probably make about the same. So, if this information is incorrect please forgive, I'm just trying to pass on information so that I can help others.

I'm still trying to decide what is that I'm going to do. But as of right now I'm leaning for Nikon because of the feel and I think it has more of what I need. My investment now is more to get several good Nikon lenses and then buy new bodies when I need them.

Good luck!

Snick :|


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