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You probably can't go wrong either way but if you choose the D70 you're in good company! I recently took posession of my new Nikon 70-200 AF-S VR lens and it's an absolute beauty. Camera bodies will come and go but I'll always remember the D70 as the camera that introduced me to the joy of Nikon lenses.

Take care,

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Thought you guys might enjoy this article by Ken Rockwell comparing the Nikon D70 to the Canons. When I get my DSLR, it will probably be the Nikon.

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pggunn Thanks that link was very hepful. I have been researching for weeks trying to decide on the best SLR and I was stuck on the Rebel XT and the Nikon D70 but after reading the reviews I have made a choice and the Nikon D70 has been ordered from Circuit city $979.00 with DX lenes So hope I will be as happy and have no regrets. hope the 6.1 comes through
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Bought an XT.. turn out to be defective, I will probably buy now a d70 or d70s..I got a black XT from amazon 2 weeks ago and it had a flash problem . When you pop-up the flash in P Mode, the small hook that releases the flash keeps on clicking constantly and the camera shuts down (the camera acts like if something is blocking the flash from opening) it doesnt always happen, but it happens with certain frequency

I had a chance to shoot 800 photos with the XT and the picture quality is great. One thing to comment for potential buyers.. I was obssesed in finding a compact - light Digital SLR - turns out that the XT is too small for my hands, I am 6'1". I You just don feel comfortable holding it..

Itried the D70 at best buy later when looking for a case for the XT. .and the grip does feel much more comfortable - better ergonomic design.. at least for my hands. Funny thing is that the only case they had in best buy that fits the XT, will also fit the D70.. so I would end up carrying the same case if buying one or the other.

I am very dissapointed that a $1000 dlls camera could have a defect like this, have to save a lot of months to afford it, I started researching the web for people with same problem.. I found out that many have focusing problems with the Xt.. that is why now I am leaning towards a D70.. i will just wait for the refund from amazon to proceed and buy a d70 or d70s ( they look pretty much the same for my needs).

best regards, Eduardo

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