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Hello Experts,

I have been experimenting with my camera and am struggling to figure out how to properly set up my D70 trying to use a bounce flash indoors. Here is the process I use and if anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong it would be very much appreciated.

1. Camera set to Aperture Priority

2. SB800 Mounted on top (turn flash on set to TTL automatic)

3. Set my aperature down (higher number) about 3 settings from default.

4. Take picture to see how it looks from a lighting perspective

5. Tilt my flash up to 60 degrees (white ceiling indoors)

6. Open my apreature up 3 settings (for more light).

7. Take picture

From the reading in my Nikon book, this is what I understand to do but my pictures come out really dark. I start bumping my exposure setting higher/higher (normally I shoot about +.7 indoors anyway) but most images still seem dark.

So my questions.

1. Are there settings I should try adjusting my camera too for a bouncing the flash?

2. Are there settings on the flash I should be adjusting trying to bounce it?

I am fustrated since I can not seem to bounce the flash and get a decent picture.

Any help would be appreicated.



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You shouldn't have to do anything special. I have a SB800 that I use on my D100. I often use bounce flash and all I do is point the flash straight up and shoot. No special camera settings or special flash settings required. Full automatic works fine. My shots come out great. The computer in the camera combined with the computer in the flash work together to get the correct exposure.

Cal Rasmussen
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Could be you are missing with the flash. If you point the flash at the wrong angle it can bounce right over your subject. Mind you anything behind your main subkect should then be lit.
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