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Hi everybody

I will have my brand new D70 in maybe three weeks so I´m biting my nails. I have been going thru lots of reviews and everybody seems to rely a lot on autofocus, this being one of todays photography big booms but I like photography the old fashioned way when you had to stop down your lens, focus manually pushing every cell in your retina to really make it sharp on your fresnel, you know what i mean. My only camera has been an F3 HP. Recently i found out modern nikkor CPU lenses don´t even have a f stop ring. My question is can i shoot full manual photos with the D70 and the 18-70 lens it comes with? (meaning, manual phocus by turning the lens and stopping it down, just like a film camera)

Thanks in advance

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I don't have the lens you mention but I'm sure you'll have no problems.

The D70 has a manual exposure mode you set the speed and aperture on the camera not the lens.

You can use manual focus, the is a manual autofocus switch on the camera and some lenses can even be focused manually with the camera set to autofocus.

There is also a depth of field preview button on the camera which stops down the lens so that you can see what you are getting.

As an old fashioned film photographer myself I could never see the point of autofocus but now I use it 90% of the time. It works well and makes life easier.

Likewise I wasn't sold on digital for a long time now I find it totally liberating. I'm not limited to 36 shots and then changing film (particulary useful since a lot of my photography is underwater). I don't pay for film or processing so all those experimental shots just get dropped in the digital bin if they don't work. I shoot RAW so I've got a lot of control over the final result, just like having my darkroom back without nearly as much messing.

Final thing about digital if you are into B&W photography it's great with digital. The D70 doesn't have a B&W mode and if it did I wouldn't use it. Using hue and saturation layers in PhotoShop I can create the effect of using a orange, red or green filter while converting to B&W and I can see the result as I do it. I can then choose the contrast of the print and even add a bit of grain if I want.

Enjoy the D70 I'm sure you'll find it's everything you need.
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Tnaks pal, that´s encouraging
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I don't have personal experience with the D70. I own a D100. I always thought they were similar but apparently that is not true with manual lenses. It is my understanding that the exposure meter on the D70 will not work with a non-automatic lens. In manual mode, an exposure bargraph should appear in the viewfinder to aid you in manually setting the lens. However, I have read here in this forum that when using a manual lens on the D70, the exposure bargraph does not appear. That means you have to use some old rules of thumb for exposure settings or use an external meter. So far, I have only seen one report of this and it might be a camera malfunction.

If you are using automatic lenses, manual exposure and focus should work fine.

Cal Rasmussen
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I have a D70 with the 18-70 mm lens and yes you have full control in the manual mode.
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You can manual focus with the 18-70 kit lens. It has what they call "manual override". There is a depth of field preview button on the front of the D70 just below the right side of the lens.

Coming from a film Nikon SLR, as you do, I understand how you feel about manual focus, however, the viewfinder is different on the D70..... no split image range finder or "center spot" fresnel. I think that as you use it you will appreciate the AutoFocus function of your new D70. Believe it or not, the camera's "visual acuity" is sharper than your's.

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I got my D70 yesterday and you can truly shoot manual with the newer CPU lenses, BUT if you want to shoot with an older Non-CPU lens like my 55mm Micro Nikkor you better know your exposure guidelines because the meter doesn't work nor does the depth of field preview button. The non-fresnel view screen didn't really bother me with the 55mm...I got good focus with it and if I didn't like the DOF I deleted the picture and tried again. There are Pros and Cons...but the Pros out-weigh the cons I think...especially when you can delete the pic and try again all you want.
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