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If you like that one checkout these low light shots...


let me know what you think.
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You shouldn't need to do so much post processing if you expose correctly. Here's two that were converted from nef in about 10 seconds with one, two, three, four clicks of a mouse - click auto brightness, click saturation and choose enhanced, click file and chose save as, choose a location and click save That's my easy workflow in Nikon Capture.

And this was with my old D100, the D70 should and can do better

Doing a batch process is even faster per image, and frees you to do something else while you wait. Here are two casual portraits that only required the auto brightess and saturation enhanced settings to be applied through the whole batch:

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Ok - I don't really HATE my camera. I love using it and I'm just frustrated with the results. As I said before, I had really satisfying (to me) results shooting film. I expect to be able to concentrate on composition and capturing the exact expression - whether it be on a dog or a human or whatever - rather than worry about much more than exposure. I never heard of, and have resisted learning about, white balance, sharpening, curves, etc. Ater reading all of this helpful information I am committing to three things: 1) Learn how to use the in-camera processing features, such as sharpeing, saturation and contrast adjustment, 2) buy a flash - a lot of the pictures that I am not satisfied with are inside in larger spaces- and 3)eventually fiddle around with photoshop or some other software. I am the IT person at my office, I'm on a computer all day... I'll deal with it eventually.
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jk, if you do those things I guarantee you will not only have a change of heart, but you will have so much fun and satisfaction. And you will eventually realize that post processing with a dslr isnt any more or less then film processing even if you're sending it out. I would advice the SB600 or SB800 flash for your D70.

The wedding photo I posted was shot with the SB800 on TTL, but it wasnt overexposed as itappear. The overexposure was of my own doing, the flash exposure gave the white gown exceptable detail.
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Here's a shot untouched, other than resizing from the original raw NEF format (for web display). All I did was work with different shutter speeds to get the desired effect (20 seconds). Can you imagine how frustrating it would be if you have no idea how your shot turns out until you send the can in for processing?
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