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Actually thought about all the pros and cons. Small size and grip is very good for me. The current digital SLRs are really too big to handle. I was happy with the Dimage D7 and A200 camera grips.

It's not so much the 8MP but the lower noise and iso of the canon sensor compare to Nikon which essentially the same as the D70 one.

And I'll still have to wait if I wanted to get the D50. Who really knows when it will be in the market in quantity. Might as well get the 350 since there is nothing more the D50 offers.

I need to go out to take some pictures and learn instead of researching too much technical details.
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i think if you look at the specs for the d50, it is lacking many features that are essential for many prosumer photographers.. i.e. no dof preview, only 1 rear command dial, no WB fine tuning, and the fact that you are limited to secure digital..

others have mentioned this, but it seems the only major difference with the d70s is that it has a slightly larger lcd.. so i expect there to be no major differences in performance..

i think that if one is starting from scratch, they are better off with the 350d not for the 2mp difference in resolution.. though it really is noticable on cropped raw files that are enlarged.. but for its incredibly low noise throughout the iso range and its near immediate start-up times..

but as others have mentioned, try them out, and see how they feel in your hand.. that can often be just as important as differences in specs...
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Old Apr 23, 2005, 9:35 AM   #13
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Thanks for all the advice guys...
I am actually looking ato canon 20D now

i hope i can save up enuf...
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Hards80 wrote:
i think if you look at the specs for the d50, it is lacking many features that are essential for many prosumer photographers.. i.e. no dof preview, only 1 rear command dial, no WB fine tuning, and the fact that you are limited to secure digital..
The D50 has a focus assist lamp that does not need the flash to fire!! It has a larger screen LCD that will be much more easily readable in strong daylight! It will have an updated focus system. Better layout of buttons. Built in flash has a 1/500 sync speed. Secure digital is actually faster than CF cards which is why the D50 can capture more pics in a burst. A revised sensor to reduce noise. ISO is displayed in the info panel and there is a button to adjust it to avoid going through menus. XT requires you to use the LCD which is a joke in bright light!!

DOF preview is a pathetic feature on these low end SLR's that lack large bright viewfinders and make a DOF preview button a waste ...better to learn and understand aperture and how it affects DOF. WB tuning is no loss as D50 has WB braceting and not too many people use WB fine tuning.

So the D50 does not lack to many essential features BUT lacks what YOU consider as essential. The Canon lacks the class and look of the Nikon and i bet a good photographer can get excellent pics with either camera....assuming the Canon is focusing right!!
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Unfortunately there may not be much reason to be confused.

My comment is based on the fact that I have been an avid Nikon film SLR user, owning several cameras and lenses. I also own a Nikon digital camera (CoolPix 995). I have now come to the point that I would like to get a digital SLR – in the prosumer category.

Comparing the current Nikon D70 to such cameras as the Canon Digital Rebel XT (EOS D350) and the KonicaMinolta Maxxum 7D, I decided to wait for Nikon's next generation.

While the current Nikon D70 no doubt is a good camera, the above mentioned competing cameras have a number of features that make them preferable, such as for instance the compactness and 8 mega-pixels of the Canon. I was therefore waiting to see if Nikon would come up with new models that would match or exceed these cameras.

In that respect the announced release of the new D70s and the D50 was disappointing - particularly the D70s! I have carefully studied the comparison charts and have read a number of detailed previews, but am not very impressed. A good firm-ware update on the old D70 could probably have done most of it. In my opinion, and the opinion of many others whose comments I have read and heard, the new D70s is not a significant step forward for Nikon. Neither does it give the current market the type of competition one might have expected.

As a fairly loyal Nikonian (having used practically only Nikon equipment since 1971), I am considering waiting for a real update of the D70 in the near future. But if that will not transpire soon, I am afraid my patience may run out, and that I will buy another brand.

Nikon has a very good name, but I am afraid that the folks at Canon, in particular, are catching up fast! I have every reason to wish Nikon well, but competition is fierce, and consumers in the market for cameras in this segment are well informed and demanding. While some would downplay the importance of the 2 mega-pixel lead of the Canon, for instance, there is no question that it has a definite advantage for the one who works with images in PhotoShop etc. It is also a very good sales point that is bound to increase the Canon congregation.

And the KonicaMinolta developers have done some good things, as well. Their in-camera-body anti shake system ought to be a model for others to follow.

I sincerely hope that Nikon has a very fast-working research team working on its next model, but in the meantime I may have to forsake an old friend!
P. W. Naesheim
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