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Thanks for the info Dee. Really great pics. Will have to look at my options.

Thanks again for your reply
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I am using an S1 pro nikon and use a variety of close up equipment to get cool bug shots. I hope to switch to a Nikon d70s at some time.
There are a lot of ways to do close up photos - some expensive, some not. I have macro hints on my web site (www.ericspix.com), but in a nut shell here are a few ideas.
An inexpensive solution is to buy a close up filter for one of your lenses - preferably your longest one. It adds extra glass but for the money you can't beat it. I find the +1 or +2 filters not very strong, so get a +3 or higher. You can also buy kits and use them in combination.
If you are more of a purist, go for a macro (nikon = micro) lens. I use a 55 mm D lens, but the newer 60 mm D and the 105 mm are also good. Generally longer focal lengths are more desireable because they allow you to be further away from what you are taking a picture of, letting more light in and not scaring something away. They are costly, but you can find many available on ebay for moderate prices.
Lighting is often an issue. If you are not to close to your subject, you can use the camera's built in flash. If you have an external flash, you can use a reflector to redirect light to your subject. A better idea is to get a sc-17 cable which allows you to take your flash off camera, or use a wireless setup if you happen to have that. I use a SB-29 macro ring flash - on the d70 you would have to use the flash on manual, but the results are fantastic.
Good luck with your pics.
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ericsvendsen wrote:
I have macro hints on my web site (http://www.ericspix.com),
Couldn't find any hints on your web site. Can you point me to them?

Or, do you mean you have macro hints in your books available on your web site?

In any case, thanks for the nutshell summary. What about extension tubes?

--- steve cooper ---
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Extension tubes work very well. However there are limitations. There is not an extension ring that connects the electronic signals from the lens to the body. For that reason only manual focussing and manual exposure is possible. The rangefinder will work and the light meter works with the camera in manual.
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