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Any fellow Canucks know if there are any duty charges on shipping DSLR's to Canada from the U.S? Seriously thinking of buying a DSLR, and am wondering what, if any, the % of duty charged on shipments from the States might be. Thanks.....thekman.
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If you are considering to purchase the camera on-line, the following web site has information regarding buying and shipping into Canada.


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This reply is a little late but I would seriously consider buying the camera in Canada. Here you get a 2 year warranty, in the states only 1. Given the number of camera failures that seem to happen just after the year expires I would feel safer with two.

Duty and taxes will apply to the camera if your buy it in the US. Canadian customs also adds an additional $5.00 for paper work. Have it shipped via United States Postal Service. UPS will kill you on the brokerage fees. Shiiping and handling charges should be figured in to the cost and if the camera does need warranty work you will have to send it back to the States.

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Hello fellow Canuck! I have bought stuff from the States and the border charges are a killer - best advice is to buy Canadian or travel to states on vacation and buy there and bring back as part of your allowable purchases.

In terms of Canadian places, I shop Vistek (www.vistek.ca) a lot and find them great, no shipping and only GST, depending on what province you live in. Another idea is to try www.ebay.caand click on the radio button that says "located in Canada". Look for your product and you may be surprised. It takes patience because there is lots more stuff out there in the US and so on, but eventually you may find a deal. I got a great buy on my d70 this way, and no duty or taxes!
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