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Default Ready to become an amateur photographer? Help needed.

I post this message in the general QA forum. Hope somebody here can help me too. thanks.

I have been a photograph fan for years. I owned a HP PhotoSmart C618 ( equa model Pentax EI200). I am thinking of becoming an amateur photography somehow, or some kind of freelance photographer. I am an economist by training. But I love photography so much.

Can someone share his experience? Or tell me how to do it? If possible, I am planning to buy a Nikon D100 to fulfill my dreams.

Thanks a million in advance.

By the way, this is my first post. I love this forum. Thanks steve.
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1. DO not buy the D100.

This is a camera in transition. Full frame dSLARs are here now and should be the standard, even at the prosumer rlevel, in a YEAR OR SO.

Also remember that the fiunal cost of the D100, with lenses, etc, is going to hit close to 3K.

2. Do buy a CP5700 or the similar Minolta 7hi. These allow full control of exposure, etc .. the major thing you will want to learn as a serious photographer, as well as zoom lenses that would be out of site on a dSLR.

The only advantage of the dSLR is for a pro who already has a set of SLR lenses that she loves. Otherwise, the reolution of the CP5700 is as good as the D100 ... at least for any work you are lily to want to do as an amateur. In side by side tests with large prints (bigger than 16X20) I do nto believe anyone caould tell the difference.
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Steve - why you say DO NOT BUY D100 and use cp5700.

BUT if BigTiger is serious want photographer then he want different lenses than one cp5700. I don't like digital zoom, it suck! as distorb.

I had been nikon coolpix 950 & 995 and sony F707. It's good picture with regular zoom but extra digital zoom is suck and not best.

So, I bought Nikon D1H because I had severals Nikon lenses with N70 past 5+ years ago. fianlly I bought D1H and work well with my lenses last May 2002. I loved it and I gave my cp950/995 to my cousin. He loved it anyway. I kept sony f707 for night shot.

Last Oct. I bought D100 again, So, I loved both D1H and D100 with lenses. I dont care about FULL FRAME. I love with 1.5x I dont care about wide angle for example 18-35 lenses x 1.5 = 27-52.

Why do I have both d1h and d100? Well, D1H for actions and wildlife and some special portrait. D100 use for fun and nature scenes some others.

Well, up to BigTiger decide but understand that price lots for example: D100 under $2k plus if you wish add mb-d100 $250 plus extra battery $40. Lenses depend you want range or fixed from Nikon or Sigma or Tamron or Tokina lenses range $100 - over.

As far I heard rumors about new model D2 series come soon but no info or detail yet. I am not buy D2. I can wait other 2 or 3 years ha.

It's your own decide, good luck.
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Don't think you're going to see any major move to fullframe by Nikon. They are going to make an entire line of DX series lenses specifically for the D1, D1h, D1x, D100 cameras. Most people, even pros, don't need a lot more than 6 megapixels. Nikon has already announced the first new 12-24mm DX lens, more to come.


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Old Jan 2, 2003, 10:41 AM   #5
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Big tiger says he wants to try serious photography. I assume this means he does not have a box full of old lenses. The 5700 willgive him plenty of range and ability to learn photography. The only thing a D100 would give him is the ability tos use fixes focal length lenses he does not have,

as for zoom over fixed ... there is no question that a fixed lens is better. But, again that is not Big Tiger's issue and I would doubt very much he could tell a 150 mm (equiv) zoom cp5700 image form a 100 mm image taken on a d100.

Steve's points are more interesting but again, I assuem that Tiger is not Nikon commited. Personally, I hope he is wrong. There is a real need for pro-sumer full frame camera that takes interchanegeable lenses. Personally, I think this will be in the 1.3 format with new lenses. If Nikon can't or won't do it, I would bet on Oly.
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Steves, are you STILL bashing the D100? :evil: Sheesh, will you ever quit?

I have had mine since July 2002 and love it. The D100 is an EXCELLENT Digital SLR. But, it will take some time to learn to use it (so will any DSLR) properly. I am assuming you do not have any existing SLR equipment. If this is so, do research on the internet to see what body has what features. Read the opinions given on each camera, but take them with a grain of salt. These are individual experiences. Then go to a local camera dealer near you. Ask about ALL the Digital SLRs (Nikon D100, Canon D60, Fuji S2) they have. Handle them, play with them, take a few shots if they allow it. Look at the cost of lenses (DSLR are body only, they don't come with a lens). Remember, you are buying into a camera system. You will also need a memory card and a decent bag.

Take your time, do the research, and be sure of what you want. Then go for it.

FYI: The Fuji S2 and the new Kodak 14n are based on the Nikon D1/D100 body and take Nikon lenses. As steve (not Steves) said, Nikon has committed to the 2/3 frame size sensor and is releasing the DX lens line to compliment it.

Good Luck,
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i think you will see a full frame DSLR from nikon with a substantial buffer.

nikon new DX lenses are necessary to satisfy the people who bought into the smaller sized sensor. this also allows them to sell more new glass to make up the short fall on the wide end. the g DX series lens is smaller lighter and it will sell extremely well. it was needed and will fill that gap. they waited to see what the user base would be. nothing wrong with that. marketing at its best.

not needing above 6MP. then why have they done it? with a 14n or a eos1ds i can shoot at 6MP all i want. then when its time to get serious bump it up a few notches (supposedly approaching that of 21/4 or 645). this allows cropping with out the playing around with stepping or genuine fractels. all my amortized glass is now back to work the way it was designed (in the case of the 14n).

do you really think Nikon will let their one real rival have the top MP and performance spot with out a challenge. i think not. it's an honor thing for them and a money thing too. i think it goes like this: you don't let money you can make go to your competition.

14n based on the N80/F100- yes and no. the D100 is based on the N80. the D1X/H is based on the F100. the DCS 760 is based on the F5. its pretty much the approximate shape of the N80. mg alloy vs high strength polymer (in the case of the N80) shutter assy ? (I here its off the N80 but i hope its the F100). metering N80/F100?. internals for the digital aspect of imaging are completely Kodak in design and execution.

i think we just wait and see it's only 2 months away. all our querys will be answered then. i've been wrong and i've been right. this time i hope i'm right.
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