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Hey everyone. I am looking to purchase the D70 here in the next month. Heres the deal... I'm a regular 26 yr. old so i don't have multiplied thousands to spend on everything.

My question is this.... I have 2 quantaray lenses from when i was shooting w/ my film Nikon. one is the 100-300 zoom and the other is the kit lense from that camera. What do i lose shooting w/ those lenses on the D70. I've been told that you can shoot w/ the film lenses on the dslrs, but lose certain functionality.

Should i go ahead and get the kit lense on the d70 for the extra couple hundred? Or is that even worth it. Or should i just shoot w/ my lenses and use the extra couple hundred to put toward a new flash or a lense better than the kit?

My main thing is what would be the diff. in photo quality between the d70 kit lense and the lenses i have back from my film Nikon? I'm a newbie on the dslr stuff so any help would be appreciated.

thnx, and if there is already a thread on this you can just send me to that.
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Depends a little on what your film Nikon was. If it used AIS lenses, then definitely get the kit lens, because AIS lenses are reduced to manual use (Even the meter is inop). Even if your lenses are fairly current, the kit lens starts at 18mm (18-70) and is a pretty decent lens. That 18mm gets you the equiv of a film 27mm, which is probably a lot wider than what came with your original film camera.

On the D-70, your 100-300 becomes a 150-450, while the 18-70 kit lens is effectively a 27-105. This is because the D-70 sensor is a crop out of the middle of the 35mm frame.

I have the D-70 with the kit and the 50mm f1.8D. The kit lens is very nice.Being an AFS lens, it has very quiet and fast focusing. While it is reasonably sharp, it is soft compared to the 50mm, which is very sharp.

Cheers, Eric
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You will really enjoy having the nikon lens that comes with the d70 as a kit, and you will appreciate the wide angle which you won't get with your existing lenses. It doesn't make much sense to buy a great camera then use lenses which limit its abilities. Its kind of like buying a new car and putting used tires on it - if the lenses are fully compatible then great, but if they aren't you will be missing many of the features the d70 gives with a fully compatible lens.
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