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what does AS-S and AF-C mean? what are the differences, how to use them?

and when are you supposed to use the 3 difference Autofocus settings on the camera (closest object, cetrum weight, and the 3rd one I forgot the name :roll?

I am refering to Nikon D70.

any good webpage I can read about these functions on a D70?
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AF-S = single servoautofocus. Used when framing static (non-moving) subjects. The focus is achieved in one of the 5 focus points and stays in that point even if the subject moves after acquiring focus. In this mode, you cannot take the picture until focus has been achieved (focus priority).

AF-C = continuous servo autofocus. Same as the previous one but if the subject moves after focus is achieved, the camera changes the focus point, tracking the subject with one of the remianing 4 sensors. The picture can be taken at anytime, regardless of the focus achievement (shutter priority).

Concerning the 3 AF area settings of the camera, normally "closest subject" is to avoid except if you use the camera as a P-S. As the name says, it focuses on the closest subject to the camera and doesn't allow you to manually pick the focus pointI personally use the "single area" option as it allows you to manually select the AF point and doesn't take into the consideration the other 4 sensors. The "dynamic area" option allows you to choose one of the AF sensors and focuses on that one but also takes into account the other 4 sensors.

The best and first place to read about these functions is the D70 user manual.
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AF-S single servois the default mode. The camera locks focus, although if the subject moves the focus should follow. The shutter will only fire when the camera has focused.

AF-C Continous servo. The camera focuses continuosly as long as the shutter is depressed half way. When the shutter is pressed all the way down the shutter fires regardless of whether the camera has focused.

The through focus modes work with AF-S and AF-C

Closest focus simply focuses on the subject closest to the camera in oone of the focusing points.

In the other 2 modes you select which of the 5 focus points to use. The difference is that in dynamic mode if the subject moves to another focus point the camera uses the new point. In static if the subject moves the original focus point is still used.
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