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Default D100 worth getting? Or wait for new chips?

I'm going to be in the market for somethink like the D100 soon, but I'm not sure wether to wait for cameras with that new Foveon (sp?) chip to arrive. I see that there is already one SLR out (a Sygma, I think). I'm wondering how long the new chip will take to catch on.

I know, it's the classic waiting game and what I buy now is already outdated. But spending $2k is always in need of asking questions before opening the wallet.

BTW, I looked at Steve's first look at the D100 and I was impressed with the portrait shot of the teen girl, but less impressed with the outdoors shots. Is there any trouble with these cameras when focusing at infinity?

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Default Dont hold back - just do it !


I've been waiting for something like the D100 to happen for years (and yes I know of the S2 and D60) ...

There's always something over the hill - always. I'm a tired CP990 user and am fed up with shutter delay - when I click I want the shot (good or bad) - at least I know where I stand.

I did a session the other day and did > 100 shots of a bunch of kids, the light wasnt all that good and I as using a flash (SB27), the CP990 would just not do the quick pic - they are known for slowlyness in low light.

(dont get me wrong the CP990 is a killer in the macro and sunlite subject areas) but the point I'm trying to make here is that I want SLR features now.

I'm not waiting (cant afford the D1, H or X)) and am just holding out till the end of the month when they arrive.
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Default Will it do the job you need for a price you are willing to p

That's all that counts. There will always be something better coming along, especially in digital.

The pro's must be on the leading edge and now buy and sell as technology leaps forward. This is not necessary for everyone. Will the D100 provide the quality and results you require of a digital camera? Probably.

While Foveon sounds and looks great, we really don't know how good it will be until we see production model results. Sigma has signed its own death certificate by making it Sigma lens compatible only. Their target market could have become much larger by picking another mount.

I'm getting a D100 because it will finally produce the quality image I need to replace my film SLR at a price I'm willing to pay (as opposed to $5k for a D1X).

To be honest, although I will be getting a D100, I'm willing to bet the Fuji S2 will outperform the D100 in image/color quality.
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Default The S2 vs D100....

Houston....We have a dilemma...
The color and quality of the S2 is superb but...
The Fuji S1 & S2 require, in addition to their 4 AA's, a pair of $ 9 Lithium-pain-in-the-but-battteries
which last only only 400 shots !
(Depending how much you use the monitor)
Yes, that's $ 18 every 400 shots....plus the 4 AA's...plus the waffer battery. (the waffer lasts a year, it's not the problem)
So......with heavy use, say stock photography,
the S2 is more expensive than a D1X !!
The Fuji is a battery NIGHTMARE.
Nikon will only agree to let FUJI use it's N80 body
for the S1 & S2. Hence, the horrible 1/125 X sync
etc etc
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it's a great camera as long as you don't like to shoot wide angle. conversation factor 1.5

as far as the sigma/foveon venture you've got to understand the way things work. the big camera companies work very close with their suppliers to insure price/design/product flow/control. if issues occur they can be rectified quickly and the money flows round and round. you support me, i support you (kiretsu). the foveon system seems superior in design. it was designed outside of the loop. its the odd man out. at least sigma is trying to give it a chance. they're being independent. i've seen the results of their older studio based system by using it. its results made the current digital batch look really lame. it is also a fundemental concept change in the way digital photo works. it takes time and money to prototype and design down to the size and operability they claim. sigma is trying to also make a name for itself and join the club of the major camera mfgrs. it takes a serious attitude to do that. try it sometime.

also, don't you think shoving a digital system into the body of a 35mm slr, making use of only part of the lenses by introducing the conversion factor because of where they are in the design/manufacture cycle a little bit lame and marketing driven?

contax at least waited until they had a full frame ccd before they put it out. well $7000 is a bit much but at least its' not half the compromize these others are. now they have a full frame ccd. i have a sneaking suspicion so does everyone else.

they got us licking our chops for the next new "innovation".

ain't technology and marketing wonderful?

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