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Which one is the better camera? I have spent hours looking things up online abou the two and most places give the Nikon an edge. Is that the opinion of most people? I know Mp is not everything so 6-8 is not that big of a deal. The only thing i liked on the canon better was the AI Focus. I know the Nikon has a similer mode but is it as good. I would like some input. Thank you.
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I haven't tried the Canon, but I can say this - after playing with a friend's D70 for a couple of days, I think it is great!

I have held the XT (in the store), and for my taste (subjective, due to size of size of hands etc..), the Nikon is a much better fit for me. The XT was too small, so I could not hold it steady (I like to grip with 4 fingers on my right hand - on the xt I could only fit 3)

Build quality is better for the Nikon, as well, I think.

PS, I tried the original D70, but I'm sure the new D70s is even better.

It's hard to give a definite judgement, since I don't know what you are looking for (and I am newbie to dSLRs myself..). For my purpose, testing with the original D70, I think it covers me well in the following areas:
-startup/snapshot speed/fps - Taking pictures of my baby on short notice, focuses quickly etc.
-Good low light performance (the new D70s, and D50 is even better I hear)
-I like the 18-70 kit lense a lot (the XT's kit lense gets mixed reviews..)
-Quality/Resolution is good enough for me. Took very crisp pictures I thought. Of course, a couple of megapixels extra on the Canon is useful for even larger printouts, or a little cropping, but I believe you can still print out fairly large images with great results.
-love the battery capacity...Have taken 600 shots in 2 days, many with flash (although a large number of those were with external flash, so they don't count..) - and the battery indicater has barely moved...
-Really like the SB800 flash unit that Nikon has. Very good performance, and according to people on the net, superior to the similar Canon units in build quality etc.

On the other hand, I hear a lot of people say great stuff about the mid-level lenses (and up) that Canon has - and the 20D is certainly getting rave reviews (too expensive for me though)

Anyways, just my 2 cents..

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