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I am trying to take images to import into Photoshop's new HDR 32 bit image merging function using a Nikon D70. Basically I want to take seven images of the same subject, all exposed 1 stop apart, ie. from greatly over exposed to greatly under exposed.

I have tried to set up the bracket function on the D70 to suit but it seems to take a maximum of three photos. Am I operating the bracket function corretly? I have also tried using an Olympus 5050 which will take five images but I think I need about seven. If there is insufficient exposure range, photoshop rejects the images saying that there is insufficient dynamic range for the merged image to be usefull. Can anyone tell me how take photos to suit ???
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Put the D70 in 'M' (Manual) mode, get your apeture and shutter speed set for the 'middle' exposure, take the shot then adjust the shutter speed up an down accordingly (1 number jump being 1 exposure stop). That's basically what bracket mode does, at least for exposure only.
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Why 7 images? Just use the autobracketing at +/- 2.0 stops. Assuming the D70 has 6 stops of dynamic range (which is reasonable), this will give you 10 stops of range, which should do fine in HDR.

I'd recommend against RobG's method unless you can guarantee nothing's going to move (either on the camera or in your scene). With the autobracket, you can bang out the 3 RAW exposures pretty quick (<1 second).
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