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my problem in this shot is i dont have any lighting equipment yet i just use built in flash and normal flouresent bulb without any light diffuser cause of light reflection to my subject... i cant find any shop selling good lighting and diffuser here in saudi arabia. can anyone tell me what and where i can find lighting equipment and flash diffuser, its only limited shop selling here in saudi. and no chance to select cheaper one. is there any way that i can costumised it. thanks forthe moderator of this furom and to all member, good luck guys....your comment are very welcome.

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I think many people make custom light boxes. You can make different boxes to suit your needs, using what ever is available. You can mount almost any kind of light behind either plastic sheets, or thin cloth in a frame made up of wood, plastic, or metal. I have used some muslin fabric and I have heard of people using white plastic sheets available at most home centers or big hard ware stores. The only thing you have to be carful about is if you use strong halogen light bulbs or tungston bulbs you have to make sure there is enough ventalation so it does not melt things. It has been a while since I played with lights but I have seen some how to's on the web as to how to make difusers. You can even hang a white sheet in front of a light to try out some different settings. Kind of gettho (cheap looking)but fun for experementation. You might not want to do that in front of a paying client but can make for some nice soft light.
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