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I use a D50 with a Nikon AF 70-300mm f/4-5.6G lens.

When I tried adding a Vivitar 2x-3 teleconverter between the camera and the lens I lost autofocus, which isnt such a big deal, BUT i only lost the option to select apertures and use the flash. I can only shoot using the M mode and the aperture seems locked at F32, which makes for some pretty tricky handheld 300mm x2 photography...

I get the same issues using a Cosina 20-80mm macro lens

Are these issues normal, and is there a setting or something that would make me at least be able to change the aperture? Neither lens nor teleconverter has aperture ring.
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That teleconverter does not have the CPU contacts. That's why it will not meter or use the autofocus.You have to get one that does support the CPU lens to meter with it.

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Sounds like incompatibillity between lens and teleconverter, electronic problem to be more spesific.
(aha no CPU contacts, thats major electronic problem :lol
AF wont work at all with lenses that are darker than 5.6.

Nikon AF 70-300mm f/4-5.6G lens + 3x TC = Nikon MF 310-900mm f/11-16G.
So it becomer very dark and quite unusable lens.
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