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I was playing with a D50 at my local camera store and well... i took about 80 pictures and am in love.

I am in high school, and well money is always a concern.

I found on Buydig.com the camera and 18-55m lens kit for $650 shipped, and if i buy the epson printer for $150, then get the rebate, then sell the printer on ebay for about $90, net cost of the camera is about $560

Now sometime in the next few months, I plan on getting a zoom lens for outdoor pics and such. Ive been looking around, the guy at the shop said the "quantom" lens was good (i think the lenses are 70-300mm)

Anyways, my budget for that lens is about $150, so any reccomendations?

A few other questions - I was using my standard speed SanDisk 512MB SD card today... and I didnt notice any lag whatsoever when shooting... so do i really need a new card?

How does that setup look?

What mm lens filters does that 18-55mm use?

Should i get this kit instead? the 28mm to 80mm?

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First, I wouldn't count on $90 on ebay for the printer. Even though it's new, printers generally have poor resale value on ebay.

I also wouldn't worry too much about filters at this stage of the game. They complicate things and many of the effects can be duplicated in post work. The only filters I regularly use are polarizers and ND filters. Also, good quality filters can be quite expensive...If you're gonna get one, get the best you can afford. The filter size is 52mm for the 18-55

As for the 70-300, I've never heard of quantom...perhaps he said quantaray?? If so, I would avoid this lens. Quantaray is a low end lens and is liable to have lots of distortion throughout the zoom range, and probably will be very soft at the long end. If you don't mind used lenses and a little less reach, take alook at the Nikon 80-200 f4.5/5.6 zoom lens. It can be had at KEH (an online retailer) for right around $100 and is a solid performer and also has 52mm threads for filters. Check out Thom Hogans review at bythom.com. This leaves you $50 for a bag, lens cloth, or as savings toward you're next lens.

You're Sd card is fine for now. I would however look to add a higher speed, larger capacity card in the future.

I would avoid the 28-80 lens...it is a poor quality lens and you lose the wide end you have with the 18-55mm.
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Also, the Nikon 70-300 F4-5.6 for about $100 is a very good lens, never had any major problems with it (used on Nikon N55).
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