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Originally posted by nikonman
Alas, something with some meat to it, thank you for providing a link to www.dpreview.com and for posting my thread.

Ben - No problem! Anytime!

<stuff cut>
Secondly, Next time assume that a post is from a person with a genuine question and stop trying to expose someone that you think has a hidden agenda.

Ben - Where did I attempt this?

<more stuff cut>
Thirdly, (sorry I couldn’t resist), I challenge you to find one of your arguments (most of which are baseless) that you’ve posed that I have not addressed completely with critical thinking and logic.

Ben - Wow! You left yourself open on that one! LOL I'm not going to say anything based on humanitarian grounds.

I could spend several paragraphs addressing your avoidance of my very clear and concise questions and criticisms but it is moot at this point.

Ben - I'm sorry, but I must have totally missed them. What questions did you concisely ask, and I did not answer.

Lastly, thanks again for the information.
No problem! This is kinda fun eh?
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LOL, Ben you are a good sport, actually I get a kick out of non-profanity based verbal exchanges it's been fun and thanks again
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Default D1x gone ?

When the D1 was being replaced by the D1x,
D1 ads ceased in Photo Distric News, and Nikon sold-out each D1. A perfect marketing job-no unsold product ! There was about 3 months
with NO D1's available. The same thing has repeated-No D1X ads in PDN, and B&H has no stock. The D100 will be the 'starter' camera
(hence only 1/180 X sync, and USB, No FireWire)
Hopefully the new 'D2' will have the chip demensions the same as film !
We can then re-claim our wide angles !
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“I asked you where you heard this. You didn't respond with an answer.”

The local Nikon rep. gave me the specs that I have listed.

Respectfully, in the 8+ years I've worked for B&H I have NEVER seen or heard a Nikon rep who knew what was coming put his job in danger by breathing a single word about it before the official release date. By the same token, Nikon plays it closer to the vest than anyone and the local reps are THE LAST to know.

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Well, it's an interesting subject. Certainly others have asked what is next? When? What will follow the D1X and what improvements?

Since I had an immediate need for something better than my 990 for a sports gig that came up, I picked up a used D1 recently. I figured I'd learn a lot by the time the D100 came out and then could pick that up and sell the D1 if the D100 looked right. Boy was that an underestimation (both the D100 quality and what I'd be learning having a D1).

I've followed the release closely along with the 5700. Now, I bounce back and forth wondering if I should buy the wonderful D100, a D1x, even a D1H or wait to see what comes next. I am in good shape with the D1 for now, have lots more to learn, recognize it's weaknesses, appreciate it's strengths and have developed a feel for what each cameras pluses and minuses would offer me. I want the higher shooting rate, faster write times, faster shutter speeds, more pixels, better color space choices, more control, less noise at high ISO and lower price. Duh! Don't we all? I can't have everything so I have to figure what my compromises for my needs have to be. Waiting for a D1x replacement makes sense sometimes, even before this post asks if anyone else has heard any rumors about what features it will have and when it would come out.

Thanks for passing on the rumors you heard, true or not, it's interesting to try to look at small things that could point a finger at when a change might occur. I'm sure that the next line will be even better! Reading comments from anyone about what it might include is fun too, even if inaccurate. In the end for me, what will drive me to picking and actually buying a replacement will be a combination of need and the excitement for the features that are available right then. That could happen tomorrow, or next month or six months from now.

For now I have a Sigma 50-500mm on order at B&H that should arrive Tuesday that will keep me and my D1 distracted with nature shooting for a while.

Jack in Miami

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at this point it sound a little too much. but i have an open mind. the reference to the internal HD. it better be removable for failure repair/replace. and then it better have the optional rolling 500AH lithium polymer battery to run all that. or are we working with Dilithium crystals now. maybe the wonders of modern tech have figured out the free power equation finally

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