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Default Interchangeable Lens

I am considering purchasing a Nikon D100 and would like to know if the lens from my Nikon FE work on the D100. Can anyone help me on this?
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If they do, they will only work in a limited way. But it could also seriously damage the camera. Be very careful.

This is the lens cheat sheet I copied of a post I saw somewhere. I believe I confirmed that it was right by reading a D100 manual which is on line here:

(Yes, this is the Nikon Europe site. I never found the manuals on the USA site. It was that badly organized.)

You should read the manual and confirm this information yourself. I do not want to be considered liable for breaking a new D100.

This is about all I know in this department, so if it doesn't help I'd say that and hope someone else can help you.
From what I have gathered, the D100 will take the following Nikkor lenses, but with the noted limitations:

AF-D and AF-G lenses (with or without IF)
- All functions available, not limitations

AF-I, AF-S lenses- (with internal focus motor)
- All functions available, no limitations

AF lenses
- All functions available, No 3D matrix, only 2D metering (Spot & Center only ???)

AI, AI'd, AIS, and Series E Manual Focus Lenses
- NO Matrix metering, Spot & Center metering OK, Aperture Priority OK, NO Shutter Priority

Non AI and other Manual Focus lenses (most made earlier than 1977)
- They can be converted to AI see http://aiconversions.com

Nikkor IX (APS)
- These can NOT be converted.
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Default More lens info

From the Nikon-USA web site

The D100 has a standard "F" type Nikon lens mount. Best performance and functionality will be achieved when "D" or "G" type CPU lenses ("G" lenses have no aperture ring and are marked as "G".) are used, but many other Nikon lenses and accessories can be used. The following lenses can NOT be used with the D100:

IX Nikkor CPU Lenses
TC-16AS AF Teleconverter
Non-Ai Lenses
Lenses which require AU-1 Focusing unit
Fisheye - 6mm f/5.6, 8mm f/8, OP 10mm f/5.6
21 mm f/4 (old type)
K1 and K2 rings, PK-1 and PK-11 auto extension rings, BR-2 and BR-4 auto rings
ED 180-600 mm f/8 (serial numbers 174041-174180)
ED 360-1200 mm f/11 (serial numbers 174031-174127)
280-600 mm f/9.5 (serial numbers 280001-300490)
Lenses for the F3AF (80mm f/2.8, 200mm f/3.5, TC-16S Teleconverter
PC 28 mm f/4 (serial numbers before 180900)
PC 35 mm f/2.8 (serial numbers 851001-906200)
PC 35 mm f/3.5 (old type)
1000 mm f/6.3 Reflex (old type)
1000 mm f/11 Reflex (142361-143000)
2000 mm f/11 Reflex (200111-200310)
Non-CPU lenses (such as older "Ai" lenses) not listed above can be used but only in manual exposure mode. Aperture must be manually adjusted using the lens ring and the camera's meter cannot be used. If another exposure mode is selected the shutter release will be disabled and a blinking "F--" will appear in the display. See the camera Users Guide for a operational compatibility list.

Other Nikkor AF, P, AF-D, AF-I, AF-S, AF-G, VR and AF Micro-Nikkor lenses not listed can be used with full compatibility.
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You're in good hands
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Check out the following web page for specifics about nikon lens compatibilty.

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