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Hi everyone,

I just purchased the D200 body and have some doubts as to whether I got an unused body (as in not used in the showroom). If anyone else who has purchased the D200 could answer the following questions, it'd be VERY much appreciated.

1 - I noticed that when I pealed off the protective film (which had somedebrisbetween the film and cover, not to mention itlooked like it could of been taken off and reapplyed)from the plastic protective cover for the lcd, the protective cover had minute scratches on it (by no means large and very noticeable, but nevertheless, it is faintly scratched, shouldn't a new cover be flawless???). Did anyone else notice very faint scratches on the lcd protective cover (the detachable one)?

2 - When I inserted a newly charged battery and turned on the camera for the first time ever, it was already in a menu (image options menu) other then the language menu. The manual states that the camera starts (only on the first power up) automatically in the language selection menu when you start it for the first time, mine didn't start there (so it was previously started?). Anyone else's camera start in any other menu?

Did anyone else notice the same things on their new D200 body? Perhaps it sounds silly, but I paid for a new (unused) camera, and that's what I expect. Mine was made in Thailand. If anyone can confirm their observations to my above questions (1 and 2) and confirm whether or not they had the same thing, it'd be very very much appreciated. Thank you!!!
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The camera was probably just checked out by the workers at the store or they may have showed it to a customer. I wouldn't let it bother Me. It's still a new camera.
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I got a D50 two days ago with no protective covers on the main LCD or top LCD panel (just assumed thatNikon don't fit them in the end, as my previous Fuji S9500 didn't have any when taken from a sealed bag), but the approach I take with any new camera is to look for the slightest cosmetic blemish anywhere on the body, but there were none.

Any trouble other than cosmetic conditionis then a warranty issue so I'm not too worried and my photographic tests were all OK. Well more than OK.. Upgrading from a prosumer camto adSLR has been nothing short ofa new awakeningin image quality terms(my last SLR was back in 1984:lol

With something as personal as a camera, I only buy over the counter at a local dealer (they match online prices ), so if I'm the slightest bit unhappy I can go back and complain face to face, as I've heard too many stories of hassles returning kit to online-only outlets.

P.S. mine was made in Thailand too!
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