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I have up till now been taking pictures in Jpeg formatt mostly in auto or Program mode. I have been reading about how you should take pictures in Raw? Can someone tell me why? I think its so you have more control over the editing process?.? I don't know the first thing about photoshop or photoshop elements but I was thinking of learning. anyway should someone like me who mainly takes pictures of family, vacations kids sports ect (though I would love to expand on that) just continue to use Jpeg? or should I use Raw? I have taken a few pictures in Raw the last few days and they do seem to look better or more like what my eye sees than the jpeg ones do..

I don't know I just want to get the most out of my camera and take the best pictures I can. any advice would be helpful.

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RAW files often look worse when they're first loaded onto the computer but that's because no processing is done in camera. Where RAW really scores is in the ability to make changes in post processing. You can change the white balance or the exposure in software without any impact on the image quality. You can also load them into PhotoShop as 16 bit images which means better quality if you edit curves or levels.

I always shoot RAW on my D70 but whether it is worthwhile depends on how much effort you want to put into the post processing. If you just want to download your pictures and view them or print them then JPG is probably what you want.

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