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Sigma 30mm F1.4 EX DC HSM should be good and bright "normal" lens for 1.5 crop cameras.
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Shred wrote:
Sigma 30mm F1.4 EX DC HSM should be good and bright "normal" lens for 1.5 crop cameras.
Or, if you want something that bright a tad wider, Nikon has an inexpensive [not] solution in a 28mm f/1.4

B&H is temporarily out of stock, but they can notify you via e-mail when they get more in.

Nikkor 28mm f/1.4D AF lens at B&H

But, it looks like Wolf/Ritz has them in stock.


Yep, that Sigma is on my radar now, since they announced it's going to be available in Maxxum mount. I've got a Minolta 28mm f/2 I'm using on a KM Maxxum 5D, that's not quite bright enough for some of the restaurants and clubs in my area with live music (for example, a piano player in a bar area with almost all light coming from a few small candles at the tables).

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I upgraded from the FZ20 to D50 since July last year. More than 7000 shots now.

The reason I switched was the poor performance of the FZ20 with ISO more than 200.

I now found out that my D50 can take pictures at ISO 1600 with acceptable low noises. I can always have the right lens for any thing I want to photograph.

I now have the Nikkor 80-400VR for birds and Micro-Nikkor 60mm for insects. Those are all I want to phptograph. Itook lots of birds and bees with my FZ20 and other point and shoot cameras. Some of them are very good. But chance of getting the good ones are less than with the D50.

Remember you will have to get the right lens for what you want to do. Good lenses are very expensive. I paid twice as much for my two lenses than I paid for the D50 with kit lens.:shock:

Here is my picture taken with D50 + 60mm Nikkor macro. If I were using the FZ20 for this picture it will have to be taken farther away and may not have equal details.

For general photography I think the Panasonic FZ are more than good enough.
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I have had a FZ20 for 2+ years and the only shortcoming is low light shots. I would have never considered moving away if those sunsets could have been taken at ISO 200 without noise. Never.

However, since the pricing has dropped on the D50 to a point where buying a D50 and a 18-200VR is cheaper than buying a D200 body. I am really considering it.

I have an N70 plus a few film lenses and the Nikon flash, so I really don't know what I have been waiting for.

I thought Panasonic would have fixed the problem by now but the FZ30 was not a fix and I am tired of waiting.

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I just upgraded from my fz20 for the same reasons. I absolutely love my fz20, but lowlight performance was just not suitable for me. Even with an external flash, the noise levels were a problem. I purchased the D50 with kit lens, the 18-200 VR lens, and am waiting for the 50mm f/1.8 to come in the mail.

I certainly appreciate the D50's performance in low-light situations, and probably will more with the 50mm lens. I appreciate many of the D50's features over the fz20, except for the learning curve - I've really got to read up on the features and proper use of the D50 to get the most from it.

I miss my "Fluzi"; I have "seller's remorse" - sold her on ebay because I just couldn't justify, or afford, to keep her - . I am in the market for a pocket cam, though,for times that I don't want to carry anything but something that fits in my pocket. Ihad a Kodak V550, but sold it due to it's INCREDIBLY POOR low-light performance. Talk about noisy - using that camera required earplugs!
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