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I just got my D50 last month, and I found a great feature...I can "lock" photos I think might be keepers, and perform an in-camera delete of the whole card, which erases all the throw-aways, but keeps the locked photos.┬*However, when I import onto my computer, the "automatically delete imported photos from card" feature┬* on my photo editing program doesn't work, because the photos are locked. Is there a way that I can unlock all the locked photos on the card at once after I import? Having to press unlock-next-unlock-next-unlock-etc┬* can be a bit tedious.Thanks ahead of time!-Danny
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Well, to each their own. But, I personally never use my computer to delete anything on a card I use in my camera.

Instead, I use the camera to perform all writes to media (and a delete is a write), to reduce any chance of FAT (File Allocation Table) corruption occuring because of driver problems with the operating system, or cached writes if the driver properties are not setup to allow "quick removal" of a device without using the "safely remove hardware" icon in the system tray.

Also, I always format a card prior to every use with the camera's menus. That insures that I always start out with a fresh File Allocation Table, with the media formatted just the way a camera expects it (since the camera is performing the format).

Short Answer to your Question:

Use the Format menu choice you'll find in your camera's menus and you'll start out with a card containing no images.

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Jim,┬*sorry to be so long in my thanks...I just got on and read your reply, and it worked like a charm!Thanks!!!!
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If you use mac osx you can select all files, request file info and from that window unlock all the files instantly. On windows I'd have to look up at work, but should be similar, no? They might be marked read only, so if you tell windows to remove this when getting file info, should do the same thing as in mac osx. Good luck!
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