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I have two lens, the above mentioned one and also the Nikkor 18-70 lens. The 18-70 lens works fine, but I get the FEE error with the 70-300 lens. The aperture setting is correct. Took the camera to a local shop - they attached their 70-300 lens and it worked fine. They attached my 70-300 lens to one of their D70 bodies - worked fine. But my lens doesn't work with my camera. Now Nikon is saying it needs a schedule C repair, but they aren't saying what for, just that it costs nearly $300. Anybody have any ideas?
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Is the repair for the body of the lens?

Do you have the latest firmware? I'm just wondering. I don't own the D70 or anything like that.

Try cleaning the contacts of the lens and body. Also try setting the lens to F/22 if possible, (I don't have this lens) and adjust the focal length via body.

Check these out:



Let me know what happen to your camera. The error seemse to be general issue with Nikon and lenses, and I just bought that lens and the D50.

Tell Nikon you read online that it's a common issue and give them hell until, talk to managers, tell them to fix it under warranty, etc. I read some people who complained got their issues (not this one) fixed for free or for much reduced price (~ $50). Tell them you're calling the BBB and file a complain....

Good Luck and keep us posted!

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Searching the web, I came across this and am convinced that it is the problem I am having (see post at 8:30 by Michael Freeman):



Check the back of your aperture ring to make sure that the little tab indicated in the photo below has not been broken off. The D70 uses this tab (the EE servo coupling post from the F2 era) to depress a switch at about the 8 o'clock position on the D70 lens mount. This is the only way the D70 (and other bodies that won't meter couple with non-CPU lenses) can determine that you have set the lens to minimum aperture. If this tab is missing you will get a "FEE" error even though the aperture ring is correctly set and locked to the minimum f/stop. [align=center]
80~200 f/2.8 mount - EE servo coupling post[/align]
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That plastic piece just looks like it tells the camera the lens is locked in place. It does not move when the apreture is changed. And it looks like you could just reach under there and move it to see if that is the problem with the lens attached. The small metal tab set the apreture just above it. That moves when you move the ring. Maybe yours is bent a tick.
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i used to have a d70 and also i have the nikon 70 - 300mm lens. i can't check it because i don't have that camera anymore. but down near the bottom of the lens, where the f/stop numbers are there is a little slider switch. it is very small and can be easily missed . mine is right above the 5.6 4 numbers. there is a white dot, and a red dot. the white dot on the camera body and the red dot on the slider switch. make sure they are lined up, if the white dot is above the red one i think i remember getting that error message. its been awhile since thats happen so i'm not sure...
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