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before tamron releases their new digital version

the 28-200 xr is 149$

i bought one and luv it:|

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I've had one for quite a while for my Nikon F3. I find it very crisp and sharp at anything but full open aperture. My biggest problem with zoom lenses is the ability to focus. My eyes not being what they used to be, find that the manual focus on the F3 was difficult at times. That was my only complailnt.

Speaking of eyes.. this salesman was traveling though a town and saw a circus bilboard and went to it. One of the attractions was "The Amazing Irisishman" so he went in to see. There were 3 walnuts sitting on the table and this Irish man came out waved at the folks and after a few preliminaries proceeded to smash the walnuts with his... well...er.. you know what :-) Crowd went wild and carried the Irishman out on their shoulders.

20 Years later, the same traveling salesman visitited the same town and the circus was back in town with the billboard to see "The Amazing Irishman". So, he figured he go in and look again, as he thought the Irishman would have been too old now or perhaps long since passed away. Nope... the Irishman appeard and instead of walnuts there were coconuts. Again he smahed them and the crowd went wild. The salesman was very curious and asked the Irishman why the coconuts instead of the walnuts. The Irishman replied "Well, I be telling ya, and I hate to be admitin' it, but to tell the truth me eyes ain't what they used to be."

Sort of a St. patricks joke of the day.:blah:
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luvin my lens and d50

heres some shots




tried the wb bracketing saw no wb difference in 3 shots?

having fun learning settings

using adobe color space for photoshopping

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